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Thursday, March 9, 2017

 – “Beginning with a strong desire to see Jesus since she was at the kindergarten school until she was 12 years old , the Spirit of the Lord came to her and took her spirit to meet Jesus. What she heard and saw, is a true story indeed , nothing more or less. Please pray and ask the Holy Spirit to give you His wisdom and understanding before reading this testimony.”

March 17 – 07.00 PM-The first day of the Lord’s visit to LALA : During a praise and worship, my hands were lifted up by themselves, and I told my mother : “Mom, I cannot put my hands down, they are lifted up still. And I saw a lot of angels in the room, and suddenly there was a very bright light and from the light, there was Lord’s voice speaking to me. (Lord said to me that there will be a death of my closest family member, afterward the Lord spoke to me,” Go and tell your closest brother, that he has to return to Me, because I still have MERCY on him, for his life has been far away from ME. My brother had a problem with heavy burden in the family.)
March 18 – 07.00 PM On the second day, the Lord told me that I would pass my  exams with good grades.
March 20 – 08.30 PM-While my mom and I were still worshiping the Lord Jesus , suddenly an angel came and took my spirit. We flew up, and then we stopped and stood on a rock  and the angel showed me several beautiful cities and , I could see : Nabire, Serui, Biak, Manokwari. The angel spoke to me,God told you to go and stand in those cities to deliver a message from the Lord , THEY MUST REPENT because “THERE IS NO MORE TIME , JESUS IS COMING VERY VERY SOON” and I asked the angel: “Who are you? ” and he replied ,” I am Gabriel, an Angel of God.” Then the angel sent my spirit back into my body.

March 21 – 06.00 PM-While I was on my way from Abe to Entrop, I arrived in Kotaraja and was still in a taxi when an angel came, picked me up, and we flew over the city of Jayapura , and the angel said to me: “Try to look down!” and I saw a lot of people standing, they wore black clothes covering them from head to toe. And their eyes are black and there is a fire in their eyes. I saw them everywhere, in the hospital, on the road sides, in the middle of the street, in the market, at the front of houses, they were everywhere. I saw their hands were holding large forks . Then I asked the angel, ” Who are they?” And the angel told me that they were the angels of death. When we were still flying spiritually above the city of Entrop, I saw a group of young people drinking alcohol in the street, I was very sad because  death was surrounding them.
Afterward the angel said to me , “Lala, if  something happens to you, and you feel uncomfortable, then you can call 2 names : “the BLOOD OF JESUS” and ” IN THE NAME OF JESUS” because the name of the Lord is very powerful”

The angel took me and we continued to fly up through the clouds. I saw the earth below me becoming  smaller and smaller. We flew on and passed through the narrow and dark tunnel. I was very scared and the angel held me .Then, I saw a bright light and that was supposed to be Heaven.We arrived safely at the gate,where  there were two guardian angels in front of the gate .The gate was decorated with pearls and crystals and it opened itself,allowing both of us to walk into its garden.
There was an opened door and through it I could see a long table was neatly arranged and it looked like there will be a party (Holy Communion) soon with  angels standing behind   each chair and holding a trumpet .It looked like they were going to blow the trumpet very soon. Then I continued to walk again insid Heaven and  in the garden, I saw different kinds of trees and various kinds of fruit.I saw flowers which were very beautiful and angel Gabriel came to me, and said: ,”Your time is up and you have to go back” and I told him, “I am so happy here and I do not feel like going back, because it is very peaceful here”. And suddenly, there was a voice coming from the Throne of Light and Glory  which said, “Lala, you have to return now ” and the angel Gabriel escorted me back.
Around 11 pm while I was sleeping, an angel came and took me to the Lord. We entered the gate of Heaven, and I saw a man standing and He was wearing a very long white robe. He opened His hands to me, I walked towards Him and He carried me, and I knew that He was JESUS. Then we both walked in Heaven. Heaven was so wonderful and full of variety of flowers, which I have never seen here on the earth .There were shady trees, bearing fruits, and there was also a very clear flowing river.
LORD JESUS told me “Lala, would you like trying to put your feet in the water?” And I put them into the water. God spoke to me again “You may drink the water.” (When I drank it , I felt so peaceful at heart) and the Lord Jesus spoke to me again “You can immerse your head into the water, and you will be able to breath.” What the Lord Jesus said was right. There were lots of fish came around me and  I said to Jesus,” I live on the earth and I cannot catch the fish , they will flee when I do so.” Lord Jesus said to me ,” The fish here can talk to you, Lala.”

Furthermore, I kept walking with Jesus and I asked Him ,”How do  You watch the whole world with the sins that the people have been committing. How do you manage to monitor all these ? Jesus told me to come with Him, and He was going to show me how. We started walkin and He showed a large glass table and I saw that the world was so small. I could also see what sins people committed. I was surprised and saw someone that I knew. I told Jesus, “Lord, I can see below, how my mother and I are   lying in bed.’ Then He answered, “Yes, I know, there is  also an angel standing in your room.”
We continued walking-Jesus and I- I saw there was a room and there were two angels standing there. There was a big book on the table, and I asked the Lord, “God, what kind of book is this? The Lord Jesus answered , “This is The Book of Life“,.I asked again, ” ‘Can I see inside the book? The Lord Jesus answered “Yes, you can.” And the two Angels were ready to open the book page by page. On the first page, I saw the names of one family that I knew, I saw it again and there was my brother’s name and I said to Jesus, “God, this is my brother’ and LORD Jesus replied,” Yes, I know his life. Now he is here and he is praising the Lord.’  The angel opened the following page and I saw the name of the person who  I also knew  and I said to Jesus,” This is my uncle”. Lord Jesus said, “yes, he is here.” I embraced Jesus and cried. Then Jesus and I continued to walk in the garden, when I saw two people coming  toward me; the older one was around 18 or 19 years old, while the younger one was 2 years-old. The little boy ran and hugged me, but I felt what he went through since we were  both are in the spirit form.The older boy who was 18-19 years old, resemble  my mother . They looked like twins. Then I remembered my mother had told me that I had an older brother who has passed away since I was a baby. Then I knew that he was my brother. After that, both of them went back to their own rooms.

Then I saw a beautiful flower and I asked  Lord Jesus, “Lord, can I pick this flower ..? I would like to give it to my mother ,for my mother loves flowers”. JESUS said ” The time has not come yet for you to get the flowers and fruits from this place, My child!” And afterwards, Jesus and I were still walking , when I saw a house whose door was open. I asked the Lord Jesus whether I could get into the house and the Lord Jesus said “Yes, you can.” When I got to the front door of the house, I could not enter the house because the floor was made of gold. I said to the LORD JESUS “Wow God, … The floor is very beautiful, gold is very expensive on  earth “, and the Lord Jesus smiled and said, ‘ This is your house, there are some houses which are similar to this one’. I asked, “God, may I go into the next house?” Then the Lord Jesus said, “The houses whose doors are closed,  belong to others.” The Lord Jesus then said, “Follow Me.”

THE LORD JESUS held me and then we both flew into a wide tunnel. Lord Jesus and me kept on going along when I could smell very horrible odour and then I felt the air was very hot. Far ahead, I saw a three-legged demon, and he held a trident and when he saw Jesus, he bowed down. Lord Jesus and me continued to move on to a place and LORD JESUS allowed me to see a very deep well full of men, being tortured by demons. The demons  tormented them until their flesh came apart, but they could not die.

We walked again and then I saw a table  with a book on it and it was written “Adultery”.I  saw people naked in a lake of fire. They saw Jesus and called “Father, Father ” but  Jesus did not look at them. I still walked with Jesus, and we noticed there was a servant of  God. Then I asked Lord Jesus, ” God! Why is there a servant of God in the hell?”.  LORD JESUS said “I chose him, but he never delivered My message.” Then he saw Lord Jesus and shouted “Father, Father, please take me just for a minute out of this place, for I want to repent.” Then the Lord Jesus said to him, “It’s too late, now I’m using her as my servant.” while pointing to me.

And we went on, then I saw a lot of people being tortured, and Jesus said to me “These people were not faithful with their  tithe.”And I saw again there were so many young people who were dancing on the nails to the rhythm of the music being played. If the rhythm of the Rock Music was heard, they had to jump faster and were not allowed to stop for a moment. If they stopped, the demons  came and tormented them.

Then we went back to Heaven through the wide path. After arriving  in Heaven, Lord Jesus said to me, “Lala, what you have seen, you have to tell My people.” And the Lord Jesus carried me and said, “Lala, you have to surrender your life t0  Me, you have to be baptized on March 25. And tell My servant, Ronald, I entrust him to write your book. ”

Then the Lord Jesus looked at Gabriel, and Gabriel bowed down to worship under the feet of JESUS. Then the Lord Jesus said to Gabriel, “Bring My child back.” And Gabriel took me and we walked to the gate and I saw another angel that came and he spoke to Gabriel with the language which I did not understand, but Gabriel pointed to me and he looked at the Throne of GOD and so was the angel and  Michael, and the LORD JESUS looked at us, then Michael bowed down and allowed Gabriel and me to continue our journey.

On our way back, Gabriel asked me, “What did you talk about with the Father?” And I replied, “There are a lot of things JESUS spoke to me about.” And I asked the angel, ‘What do you do in heaven?” The angel answered, “I am the Assistant of our LORD JESUS, whatever the Lord Jesus asks me to do, then I do it all”.

As we got closer to my house, we walked and saw a lot of angels of death standing on the left and right side of the road. When we arrived, I saw one standing in front of the fence. And at the front door of our house there was one angel of God guarding the house. The Angel of Death was very nervous, as he wanted to get into the house, but he could not do it, because there was an angel of God guarding our house. After that, the angel of death went to the back of the house and he tried to get in, but still he could not succeed because there were two angels of God guarding the back door of our house. Unsatisfactorily, the angel of death tried to get in for the second time, but he was thrown, fell down and disappeared . Gabriel escorted me back to my bedroom and my spirit went back inside my body physically at 06.00 am. Afterward, I returned to my daily activities as a student.

THURSDAY, March 22 – 07.00 PM-When we had a service in a house of a church member,  angel Gabriel came to pick me up and took me to the Lord Jesus again. Then the LORD JESUS showed me the city that I had to go. He asked me to deliver the message to a Catholic church in Wamena.
FRIDAY, March 23, 09.00 AM-The angel came to pick me up and took me to the Lord. LORD JESUS delivered a special message for the Church in the village “Harapan” and said, “Tell the church, do not be too late for a service. Those who are always late, will not be a part of the Kingdom of Heaven. When the service is going on, none is allowed to stay outside the church, and send a message to the mothers with babies  that they have to sit inside the church and listen to the WORDS OF GOD. Never let the children stay in the nursing room or day care room. Everybody has to participate in the service, even though all seats are full, for sitting on the floor should not be a problem. Everybody has to respect MY WORDs.”

During the day at the same time after we finished “prayer and fasting”, I delivered a message of the LORD JESUS to Sunday school teachers. On the way back home from the church, the angel of God took me to the Lord Jesus and He said to me, “Thank you Lala, that you have delivered My message to the Sunday School Teachers.” And He spoke to me again “On Sunday, you will have to deliver the message to the church members. You must not only deliver the message to the church and your family, but you have to deliver the message to other religions as well: Buddhism, Muslim, Hinduism, etc. since they also should receive salvation and deliver the message as soon as possible, because I’ll take you out to other cities.” (John 14, 6)

At 7.00 pm, the angel came to take me to the Lord, and the Lord Jesus spoke to me, “Lala, faster, faster, faster , run and tell all of My people, My Time is almost up! And the LORD JESUS showed me, the time of heaven. I saw the short hand pointed to a number and the long hand was very close to it. However, I cannot see the number on the clock. LORD JESUS said to me, “Lala, run fast and send the message to My people, MY time is almost over”. And the Lord Jesus said to me again, “Lala, no angel has ever seen the time in heaven. I allow you to see the time of heaven so that you can convey what you have seen to My people. “

At 8.30 pm, the angel came to pick me and took me back to the Lord and the Lord Jesus showed me once again the time of heaven, which was very short. LORD JESUS said to me, “Tell your classmates, your teachers, your neighbours, and anyone you meet. Tell them to repent and turn to Me.”

Saturday, March 24 – 01.00 PM-I was with my mother and my aunt. We were praying for a family called Wilsons, and I was again in my  room,when  I saw the angel come to me. I could see the angel  because my spirit was out of my body and sat on the bed . I called the angel to enter the room, but the angel was standing there outside the room and I called him once again. The angel pointed to my aunt who was praying. I called the angel once again, and the angel said to me “I cannot enter the room, (he pointed his finger at my aunt), since the servant was talking to the Father, so that I had to wait until she finished praying or say Amen “.Then the angel came to the room and took me to the Lord Jesus. After we arrived in Heaven, the Lord Jesus gave me a message to deliver.
At 12.00 pm, I found my body become heavy and wanted to sleep, because an angel would come to pick me , but my mom kept telling me to get my clothes ready for the following day’s  morning service. Once I fell asleep, an angel came to take me to the Lord. And the Lord Jesus started to speak to me. “Lala, tell your mom to allow you to sleep when your body is heavy , because I want to tell you  something very important”.

The Lord reprimanded me  for the second time by saying“Lala, why did you forget what I conveyed to you. You should remember all of My messages.” I said to Jesus, “God, please forgive me’ and the LORD JESUS answered “I will return everything when you testify.”
Sunday, March 25 – morning time-With the mercy of the Lord JESUS, I could stand and testify to deliver the message from the Lord Jesus to t

he church of Barachiel. After I finished with my testimony, I got myself water baptized (to die and rise with Jesus) and after the service, we were called to attend a meeting, which was going to discuss about a Revival service. I also participated in the meeting, and I saw an angel came to pick me up, and took me to the Lord Jesus. Jesus said,”Tell My servants, to go on with the Revival service, and I will go down to intervene.”

At 4:00 pm, I was still in the pastor’s house and  I was taken by an angel to see the Lord. LORD JESUS showed me, a big hole which was deep and dark. I saw there were a lot of people being pulled into the hole.They tried to resist, but failed and fell into the hole.

March 26 – 02.00 AM-An angel came and took me to the Lord Jesus  who said “I will use you as My servant until I come back. All duties and responsibilities I gave you , is not finished yet, but I will keep using you until I come back.”

At 06.00 pm as usual, an angel picked me up and took me to the Lord, again the LORD JESUS showed me a big dark hole. JESUS spoke with me, “The hole that you see, is the place where the unfaithful people are going into for 3.5 years of great persecution (Rev 13), while for My faithful people I will move them to a place that I have prepared, away from the eyes of the snake.”
At 08.00 pm, an angel picked me and took me to the Lord, and He said to me, “Lala, do not argue with your mom.Dont go against my 5th commandment, that you have to honor your father and your mother.”When I heard it, I felt guilty and cried. I also saw the LORD JESUS crying and looked so sad. I saw the tears dripping from His eyes. LORD JESUS said to me “Lala do not cry, I want you to listen and obey my 5th commandment (to honor your parents) so that you may live long and you are blessed. I want to use you amazingly and wonderfully.’ Then JESUS said to me, ” Delete all the worldly songs from your mobile phone”(James 4,4). And He continued “You should be more quiet at your school, how can I deliver a message to you, if you do not calm yourself down.” And I replied, “Lord Jesus, I cannot calm down because friends always come bothering me and ask me to play, what if I do not go to school and just stay at home?” And He answered “No, you have to go to school.”
Tuesday, March 27 – 10.30 am-While I was having my school exams, the angel took me to the Lord, and the Lord Jesus said to me “THERE IS NO MORE TIME, you have to deliver the message to My people urgently.”

At 07.00 PM, being in a Worship Service , as usual an angel picked and took me to the LORD JESUS. I saw Jesus standing in front of the gate and waiting for me. Once I got there, Jesus said, “You have to go to Wamena urgently and deliver My message to My people, they have to REPENT because time is up. You need to go there to Wamena.” Lord Jesus said with His sad face , with a downcast face and cried , His tear dropped and fell on a large glass table where JESUS can see everything that people say and do. I asked the Lord, “Why do you cry ?.” He did not answer my question, but His tears kept falling on the table and I wiped the tears with a white robe that I wore. When I was in the Kingdom of Heaven, I always wore a white robe that I had never put it on before.
Then the Lord Jesus spoke to me and still crying, “Lala , tell My people urgently, they have to turn to Me quickly, Time is absolutely over.”

Lord Jesus said again,”I desire none ever be lost, but I want them all sitting on My lap.”Verily .verily I say unto you,He that heareth my word,and believeth on him that sent me hath everlasting life and shall not come into condemnation ,but is passed from death unto life . John 5 verse 24

Anyone who has never prayed the salvation prayer before, I would you like to pray. Please repeat after me. "Lord Jesus, I believe You are Son of God and You died for me. Please come into my heart and be my Lord and Saviour. I ask you to forgive me all of my sins and cleanse me with your precious blood, taking control of every area of my life from this moment on. Jesus, fill me with your Holy Spirit and empower me to be used for Your glory. I want to serve you, love you, obey you all the days of my life and make a difference in the lives of others. Father, thank you for making me your child. In Jesus’ Holy Name, amen. Hallelujah."
Anyone who prays this prayer with me, please ensure you attend a Bible believing church, listen to the  word of God from pastors and read the Bible every day, study it. Pray many times a day and have a relationship with Jesus.Dont also forget to share your new found faith with others. Thank you, amen, Halleluiah.

 “NO Man Knows the Hour”
Revelation from Lord Jesus as delivered to
by Susan Davis.
I am ready to give you a new letter.
Children, I, GOD have new Words to speak. MY time is coming: “MY TIME!” For I am in charge of ALL  TIME. I am in charge of the hour I will return. You are not in charge of this knowledge…NO MAN KNOWS THE HOUR.

Children, there is a reason for this. You would not want MY enemy to have this information. You would not want to have this information either. MY children, if you knew exactly the hour of MY coming you would all procrastinate in your coming to ME. You would put it off until the time of MY coming. You would not prepare your robes and make them clean. You would not be ready even if you knew the exact moment of MY coming. You would not run into MY Arms because the pull of the world would be too great.

You know it is the season. The season is all you need to know. That means now is the time to prepare. Already so many are on their way to hell because they ignore MY warnings carefully placed in MY Word.

Children, you must sit up and pay attention. Who will prepare you if you do not make a FULL SURRENDER to ME? Only I can take you by the hand like a child and lead you. Only I can hold you up above the challenges that life brings. No one is exempt. All must choose. Everyone has a choice to make who is the age of accountability and able to choose.

You children need to take your focus off of the date of MY return. That is only for me to know and focus on ME, your GOD. Do not remove your gaze from ME. Put your energies in finding ME in intimacy and pursuing your lost brothers and sisters who are all around you. Too many will be left behind–left to terror, sadness, loss, and sudden destruction.

Children, seek ME. Now is the time to prepare, not later. Later will be too late. I am holding the door open. When I come through to take MY bride home, I will shut the door and no more will it be open. Pray that you be found worthy to escape.
I am coming very soon. Will I find you ready and waiting on ME?
Soon children. Be ready!
Your LORD Doth Cometh

“Let US begin. These Words are for whoever will receive them: Today I am going to talk about the coming Rapture, the removal of the bride, MY church.
This moment arrives quickly. Many children are not ready. They fight ME and cling to the world. They want to walk in the ways of the world. They rush to and fro and pay no heed to the warnings I am giving… Soon the warnings will be done and I must come and the bride will be removed. She will be taken out of the picture. Daniel 12:4: But thou, O Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book, even to the time of the end: many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased. Her identity is unknown to the world. She is well hidden. I have her cloistered away in safe keeping. MY Light shines through her—the last remaining light on earth. Time is short and soon this light will go out. MY sent ones will leave for  their heavenly home, safe from the tyranny on earth.
This Rapture event will be a large event, the removal of MY ready children. No such event will ever be like it in human history. There will never be anything like it before or after. It is the greatest “Exodus” of all time. MY children will depart in a moment and receive new glorified bodies. These bodies will be resilient and eternal. They will follow after the pattern of the glorified body I possess. I am the FIRST FRUIT of many others. These children will experience a life they have never known before, a glorious life, life everlasting. 1 Corinthians 15:51-54: Behold, I show you a mystery; We shall not all sleep, but we shall be changed, In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trumpet: for the trumpet shall sound, and the dead shall be raised incorruptible, and we shall be changed. For this corruptible must put on incorruption, and this mortal must put on immortality. So when this corruptible shall have put on incorruption, and this mortal shall have put on immortality, then shall be brought to pass the saying that is written, Death is swallowed up in victory.
There will be many wonderful things ahead for MY raptured children. Let ME give you a peek: When MY children arrive, they will be greeted by their loved ones: family and friends already in the heavenlies. I will be looking on. This is a moment of great glory. What a gift to be reunited with family long missed… Then MY children will be ushered to the great Marriage Supper of the LAMB. I will preside over this event. Revelation 19:9: And he saith unto me, Write, Blessed are they which are called unto the Marriage Supper of the LAMB. And he saith unto me, These are the true sayings of GOD.

The table will be lavishly prepared: every accoutrement will be provided. The details of this event will be astounding. MY children will be seated in front of a place setting with their name lettered in pure gold. Each place setting will have golden utensils embedded with jewels. There will be solid gold plates also studded with jewels. The tablecloth will be of pure silk spun with golden threads. Light will shine through the weave. The cups will be gold with jewels around the rim.
Each place setting will have a gift especially for each child. The gift will be a precious reminder of MY Relationship with this child. It will be unique for each child. Each gift will have special meaning to each child of OUR long lasting relationship. There will be many surprises at this Event – MY Marriage Supper. Matthew 22:2: The Kingdom of Heaven is like unto a certain king, which made a marriage for his son…..

Each child will have an angel who waits on him. The food is prepared in MY Heavenly Kitchens. Nothing will be amiss. All food items will be of heavenly proportions, food from earth that is recognized and food from heaven never seen before. Beauty unspeakable will be this table setting.
MY Table will be full of light: candles of light, beautiful Menorahs. MY children will wear robes of light. They will exude light as there will be no shadows. James 1:17: Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the FATHER of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning. I will lead a toast to MY bride. I will sing her praises as she is most beautiful to ME. There will be dancing and music all around and making merry. The bride will see ME in all MY Glory as I will be dazzling to the sight. MY beauty will shine through and MY Love will flow out and overwhelm all attending. MY FATHER will be looking on in great delight as there will be much dancing and making merry. I will dance with MY bride and WE will be as ONE. MY children will dance and make merry. All hearts will be glad. No one will be sad. This will be a great hour of glory and love. Doves will fill the air. They will fly in beautiful patterns and formations spelling out beautiful messages for MY bride. She will be in awe.

I will present MY bride with a ring. OUR Names will be written on this ring. Flowers will be everywhere of all colors: new colors and old colors. Fragrance will fill the air, beautiful fragrances. MY children will be lost in the ecstasy of it all. Luke 15:22: But the father said to his servants, Bring forth the best robe, and put it on him; and put a ring on his hand, and shoes on his feet. MY angels will fill the skies with dancing, singing, and music-making. Heavenly instruments will play beautiful music. The stars will cry out celebrating the LAMB and HIS bride. Job 38:6-7: Whereupon are the foundations thereof fastened? Or who laid the corner stone thereof; 7When the morning stars sang together, and all the sons of GOD shouted for joy? All the heavenly hosts will gather and sing praises over the LAMB’s Great Nuptials. Everyone will sing praise to the KING, HIS bride cometh. She has made herself ready. Let the joy begin! Revelation 19:7: Let us be glad and rejoice, and give honour to HIM, for the Marriage of the LAMB is come, and HIS wife hath made herself ready. The LAMB WHO taketh away the sin of the world unites with HIS beloved in Holy Matrimony. Great is HIS Name! Praise His Holy Name among all the heavenlies for HE is betrothed to HIS beloved and HE has won her heart! John 1:29: The next day John seeth JESUS coming unto him, and saith, Behold the LAMB of GOD, which taketh away the sin of the world.

MY children will also be shown their mansions: O’ daughter the beauty, the splendor. Eye has not seen or ear has not heard what waits MY glorious bride who loves ME. 1 Corinthians 2:9: But as it is written, Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which GOD hath prepared for them that love HIM. Daughter, these mansions will be more delightful than anything earth has to offer. Nothing can compare to the magnificence of what MY bride has in store for her. These homes will suit the taste and interests of each child. No two mansions are alike. Each one is different from the other. John 14:2-3: In MY FATHER’s House are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you. And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again, and receive you unto MYSELF; that where I am, there ye may be also. MY children will be flabbergasted at what they will discover in each mansion. All have details that will delight and enthrall its owner. There is nothing on earth to describe the ornamentation and beauty of each of these incredible homes.

All the interiors have unique surprises. These mansions are living. They take MY children to and from wonderful places for MY children to enjoy and experience. WE will share in these adventures together. WE will laugh and explore. The excitement will never end. There will be gardens and pleasures all throughout. Music will fill the air and lovely fragrances. Each home will be filled with love and laughter. Loneliness will never be a problem in heaven. I am always with MY children making merry and enjoying each other’s company.” Psalms 36:8: They shall be abundantly satisfied with the fatness of THY House; and THOU shalt make them drink of the river of THY Pleasures. MY Love will surround their every move. Laughter, love and joy are the rewards of these eternal homes, joy unspeakable, everlasting delight.

This is only a taste of the things to come. MY children do not have any comprehension of what awaits them. There is no way to accurately paint a picture of what awaits with what exists on earth. Only witnessing it in person will give its true description. So MY children come and enjoy heavenly delights in the everlasting Kingdom with homes especially prepared with loving care for MY bride. Psalms 16:11: THOU wilt show me the path of life: in THY Presence is fullness of joy; at THY Right Hand there are pleasures for evermore.

 Anyone who has never prayed the salvation prayer before, I would you like to pray. Please repeat after me. "Lord Jesus, I believe You are Son of God and You died for me. Please come into my heart and be my Lord and Saviour. I ask you to forgive me all of my sins and cleanse me with your precious blood, taking control of every area of my life from this moment on. Jesus, fill me with your Holy Spirit and empower me to be used for Your glory. I want to serve you, love you, obey you all the days of my life and make a difference in the lives of others. Father, thank you for making me your child. In Jesus’ Holy Name, amen. Hallelujah." Anyone who prays this prayer with me, please ensure you attend a Bible believing church, listen to the  word of God from pastors and read the Bible every day, study it. Pray many times a day and have a relationship with Jesus. Thank you, amen, Halleluiah

 “NO Man Knows the Hour”
Revelation from Lord Jesus as delivered to
by Susan Davis.

 “Few discover I am a GOD WHO is just and will judge according to each individual’s relationship with ME in this life.”
There is an overwhelming belief that I am not coming soon: so many want to believe otherwise. This world is too attractive to them—longing and looking for MY Coming is the last thing on their minds. When I come to bring out MY church, I will only be looking for a ready bride—a church perched in anticipation of her coming KING. I am coming in ALL MY Glory. Only those waiting…ready…watching with their robes white and stain-free will come out of this stagnant world—a cesspool of evil, a stench under MY Nose. Pin your hopes on the LIVING GOD. This is the ONE True Path—all others lead to destruction. The world is in a rapid descent to ultimate immorality and decay. Once I take out MY bride—MY true worshipful followers, this world will cave in on itself under the weight of the evil that will consume the land.

There will be bloodshed, cruelty, abominable atrocities. Man will enter a never witnessed before level of ultimate degradation. Children who turn back to ME after I take MY church out will find themselves under the rule of a cruel tyrant world leader: the antichrist, who will round up the true believers, the ones who turn back to their GOD in great remorse. Theirs will be a sad plight as they must then endure the worst possible torment, torture, and death for their decision to return to their LORD and to reject the Antichrist system.

Horror awaits MY left behind, lukewarm church who must do the hard things to return to their GOD. Many will not be willing to pay the price before them in order to obtain their eternal freedom. Those who choose against ME for the Antichrist system will lose their place with ME for eternity and they will be tormented for eternity instead.

Hard choices must be made by those who are left and refuse to follow ME now. Turn to ME now. Surrender your ALL. Lay your life down. I am ready to take you out with ME when I come for MY beautiful bride.
Scoffers, mockers, doubters, lovers of this evil world will soon learn the error of their wayward ways turning back away from their GOD to give themselves over to seducing spirits and evil longings. They are grasping at evil pursuits following their own self-made paths believing they know best for themselves apart from their MAKER GOD WHO first loved them, created them, gave them life. Woe to those who believe this world a better choice than the LIVING GOD WHO makes all, WHO is ALL in all.

Come back to your senses lost church. Your love for ME is weak, your heart is failing, you have no temperature, you have grown cold. I cannot take you with ME, if you believe yourself ready while you devote yourself to this evil world. You are deceived, lost, and your destination is the broad road where many travel to, lost for eternity, everlasting hell.

If this Word sounds untrue, it is because you have not spent time in MY Word or getting to know ME. If MY lost children would come to fear ME, then they would come back to the narrow road and separate themselves from the world and evil.

Few discover I am a GOD WHO is just and will judge according to each individual’s relationship with ME in this life. Do you know your GOD? Come know ME before it is too late. MY Warnings are coming to pass. Do not find yourself outside MY Will, lost for eternity. MY adversary is cruel.
Your choice is before your face. I am the ETERNAL OMNIPRESENT GOD. Reach out. I stand before you.

 “The majority of the world is caught up in their own pleasure: seeking wealth; seeking rebellion to GOD; seeking sensual pleasures.”
Children, this is your GOD. You see that the time is drawing nigh. You see I am trying to make it obvious to you, but many do not want to pay attention. Many are still enthralled by the world by what looks normal and exciting to them. The world is putrid to MY Face: it stinks and it is disgusting to ME, a Holy GOD. The world runs contrary to MY Will, the Will of GOD. The world looks right and normal, but only a few operate in MY Will.

The majority of the world is caught up in their own pleasure: seeking wealth; seeking rebellion to GOD; seeking sensual pleasures. This is not MY Will, it is the will of MY enemy. And this is who the people are led by, the enemy of GOD.

The people want to be led by MY enemy. They want to run counter to MY Will. These are the ones who will drink MY Cup of wrath when I come back for the few who really want to be in MY Will. This is MY true church, MY bride: the bride I died for and the bride I am coming for. She has clean garments and pursues ME avidly. She takes MY breath away. She is the one I am anxious for and she is the one I am coming to rescue. These are MY loyal followers, the few who really read MY Words, the few who follow ME through a relationship and those who want to be in MY Will.

This church is a remnant: there is only a small number compared to those turned against ME. I am coming to set you free, O’ sacred church. You must keep your eyes on ME. For anyone who wants to be part of this church, surrender your all to ME, repent of your sins, give forgiveness to all, seek MY HOLY SPIRIT in HIS Fullness, pray to be baptized in HIS SPIRIT, read MY Words daily, seek ME as your Best FRIEND. I want to hear from you all through the day. These are MY terms, MY requirements for being part of the prepared church. If you do not want to be part of MY church, prepare for MY wrath that is coming to punish this evil world. You must seek ME as your Only HOPE, because I AM mankind’s ONLY HOPE.

 “I cannot tolerate a world that is not interested in hearing about MY sacrifice on the cross.”
Children, it is I, your GOD from heaven above. I want to give you news about MY COMING. So few are paying attention in this daunting hour—there is only a remnant paying attention. This has been foretold in MY Book that very few would be watching for ME when I come: when I come for MY bride, MY church.

Very few will be ready…very few will be watching…very few will be looking for ME with eager anticipation. Very few will have their EYES FIXED ON ME. Very few want to follow their GOD: in MY Perfect Will. Very few want to read MY Book by the Power of MY HOLY SPIRIT. Very few want a FULL OIL LAMP. Very few want to give all those around them FORGIVENESS that goes forth from their heart. Very few are REPENTANT before MY Holy Face. Very few are truly REMORSEFUL over their sin. Very few want to SEEK the HOLY SPIRIT for handling the sins of the flesh. Many want to handle their sins in their own flesh apart from the guidance of MY HOLY SPIRIT. It is only by the GUIDANCE and POWER of MY HOLY SPIRIT that anyone can conquer their flesh.

I, GOD, cannot stand how the church clings to the world. The world is an enmity to ME. I will not come back for you if you cling to both, ME and the world. The two cannot mix. The two cannot co-exist although this is the move of the world.

MY Message is an enmity to the world. I cannot tolerate a world that is not interested in hearing about MY SACRIFICE on the CROSS. I AM intolerant of those who deny MY GIFT, MY BLOOD SHED for all mankind. They can look the other way, to other paths that they think will lead to GOD, but there is only ONE path and it is by MY CROSS, MY BLOOD, MY SACRIFICE, MY DEATH, MY RESURRECTION, and MY SPIRIT in all HIS FULLNESS. Surrender to ME, lay your life down before ME, empty yourself. I want ALL of you: only by giving ME ALL of you will this transaction be made complete and then I will fill you with MY HOLY SPIRIT and you will receive the POWER from GOD on high to live out your life in MY PERFECT WILL for it. There is no other way, there are no other answers. This is what I require and those who think different will be left behind to face the worst: to face MY enemy, face the Antichrist, to face MY wrath. Only you can make this choice for yourself, it is yours to make.
This is your GOD, Loving in ALL MY Ways…
 “I am the GOD of Second Chances, but time is running out…”
Children, it is I, your LORD.
You believe I am never coming back. You say this to each other, “HE says HE is coming, but HE doesn’t come!”
MY children, this is your GOD speaking: Listen closely: I AM COMING! No, you will not know the day or the hour, but you can know the season and this is the season. The signs are appearing and you cannot deny MY coming is near.
I have given you many markings to follow. MY signs have been clear and they are coming to pass. Only those who don’t want to follow ME are not seeing it. They do not want to know because they do not want to know ME, their GOD. Those who follow ME closely can see what is happening around them. They can see the darkness moving in, darker than it has ever been.
This is not the time to be sleeping at the wheel. This is not the time to be ignoring your GOD. If you keep sleeping you are going to miss MY Coming. Will I find any with faith when I return? Many and most are disloyal to their GOD. Very few are looking forward to MY Coming. Wake up and pay attention! Come out of your spiritual slumber! Open your spiritual eyes and see the darkness around you! Stop letting the things of the world move you to distraction! Take your hands off the world! Come wash your hands and your garments in MY Blood. Come wash them in MY Word. Make ready for MY coming.

Warn your neighbors and your friends. You will have blood on your hands if you don’t warn the people around you. Who else can I send if not MY chosen bride? Only she has the truth and the map to the narrow path. All others are lost and misled: blind leading the blind.
Strike a match, start a fire, let MY HOLY SPIRIT Wind blow on the fire. Let the Truth blaze like a fire from your heart through your hands, through your mouth, through your feet. Let the world see the fire of MY True Gospel through MY people, MY bride. You are the only ones who have the Truth. You must not hide a Light under a bushel basket!

I want you to stop being comfortable in this world. I want you to be uncomfortable at the sight of the lost all around you. I want you to stop being comfortable in this world: you are just passing through. You are a foreigner in this land. You must be like soldiers going to war. Many lives are at stake. This is their only chance. If they fail this test, they will be lost forever. Wake up church, get busy! Don’t waste another moment…so many will be lost for eternity…so many are already lost.
If you come with ME, I will open many doors. Just open your mouth. I will put the words in your mouth. I will bring the people to your doorstep for you to talk to about MY Gospel. Once I take MY bride from the earth, the enemy will move in and the people will have a much harder time getting to MY Salvation. It will not be easy for MY “left behind” church. They will have to die at the hand of MY enemy to make it into MY Kingdom. So do not let these golden moments slip by you. These are precious, golden moments. I am the GOD of Second Chances, but time is running out…
MY children, this is your LORD Speaking, YAHUSHUA. These are the Words I am ready to give today: I have Words, stern Words, to give to MY church. It is the church that calls itself by MY Name. These children are lukewarm, at best. This church fights ME all the way. She is rebellious, but thinks she knows best. She uses MY Name and she thinks this justifies her every move.
She works outside of MY WILL and she believes all is well because she uses MY Name. This church is pimping MY Name for its own purposes. This church uses MY Name for every evil practice under the sun. They make money with MY Good Name even on MY HOLY DAY. MY Name is bantered about with great triviality. I AM A HOLY GOD AND I PROMOTE HOLINESS. I promote HOLINESS by the power of MY HOLY SPIRIT which can only be achieved BY A SURRENDER TO MY PERFECT WILL.

If you are not surrendered to MY WILL, then you are not part of ME and if you are working outside of MY WILL you are working for MY enemy even if you carry MY Name around. Your churches are white sepulchers with dead men’s bones and you are pimping MY Name for your own evil purposes. The darkest places in hell are reserved for those who practice the religion of the enemy using MY Name, spreading lies and half-truths, leading untold numbers of people astray. Whole congregations of people will stand before ME weeping and gnashing their teeth when I reveal to them, “I NEVER KNEW YOU, YOU WORKERS OF INIQUITY” and cast them away for eternity because they have refused to PURSUE their GOD with a FULL SURRENDER because THEY HAVE REFUSED TO RECEIVE THE HOLY SPIRIT INTO THEIR CHURCHES IN HIS FULLNESS AND BECAUSE THEY HAVE REJECTED PURSUING ME WITH ALL THEIR HEART, SOUL, MIND, AND STRENGTH.

This church, instead, has propagated lies in order to handle the things of the world. It has pursued its love for the world on MY HOLY DAY and MY enemy has infiltrated MY church leading many astray. This church has a form of godliness but denies the power thereof.

Anyone who has never prayed the salvation prayer before, I would you like to pray. Please repeat after me. "Lord Jesus, I believe You are Son of God and You died for me. Please come into my heart and be my Lord and Saviour. I ask you to forgive me all of my sins and cleanse me with your precious blood, taking control of every area of my life from this moment on. Jesus, fill me with your Holy Spirit and empower me to be used for Your glory. I want to serve you, love you, obey you all the days of my life and make a difference in the lives of others. Father, thank you for making me your child. In Jesus’ Holy Name, amen. Hallelujah."

Anyone who prays this prayer with me, please ensure you attend a Bible believing church, listen to the  word of God from pastors and read the Bible every day, study it. Pray many times a day and have a relationship with Jesus. Thank you, amen, Halleluiah.

True Testimony Of The Reality Of Hell And The Inevitable Glorious Rapture 

By Zipporah Mushala
This is the concluding  part of this testimony,which was published last month.It continues with Zipporah’s trip to hell.

How I came to know the Lord Jesus Christ
Praise be to Christ the King for this great opportunity to share with you my spiritual experiences. Firstly I would like to share a brief background of how I came to know the Lord. Being at a boarding school from 8th to 12th grade made me have a great chance of rebelling against everything my parents had taught me was the right thing for a Christian to do. I lived a double life and hated church and anything to do with God generally. If someone told me anything about God, I would roll my eyes in displeasure.

On August 31 2011, I suddenly started feeling strange. That night, my supper was tasteless and I felt like I was going to die. I could literally feel spirits following me but at that time, I did not realize that they were demons. After supper, I went and lay on my bed which was unusual for me to do at that time as I was a TV addict. I then started going through the section in the news paper where people write in memory of their loved ones which was also unusual for me to do. For some reason that I didn’t know, I started pitying the late people. Maybe it was because I would join them that very night.
Even though my sister Rachael also lived a double life, she was more spiritual than I and so she told me that we should pray before going to bed but I told her, “Just what is the point in praying anyway?” We ended up praying, but I did so with a half -heart. That night, I dreamt I was in a certain place with a lot of other girls. We were all wearing dark blue gowns and some men were tying ropes against our waists. I didn’t want to be part of what seemed like an initiation into Satanism and so I started crying and one of the men scolded me in my mother tongue, Lozi. Suddenly, I woke up and I could feel a terrible pain around my waist where the rope had been in the dream. It was so horrible, I wanted to wake my sister up, but I just stared at her and said nothing. My heart was stopping to beat slowly and I felt weak. I knew I was going to die. When you are about to die you just know it. I also suddenly knew I was going to hell. No one had to tell me that. I saw a pitch dark pit which looked endless with flames at the bottom. At that moment, I was so weak but all I could think of was, “Lord save me.” I managed to whisper it and I suddenly regained my strength. At that moment, my sister woke up and told me a voice had woken her up that I was under satanic attack. She then prayed for me and the pain miraculously disappeared.

My holiday experience drove me to start reading the Bible at school but one of my close friends and roommate would discourage me and say. “So you think you are now a real Christian, you are just wasting your time because both you and I are going to hell!” In November , I read the testimony of Angelica Zambrano and I heard a voice telling me that her testimony was true even before I read it. I then allowed the Lord to change me and I received the baptism of the Holy Spirit on 2nd December 2011. From then on, the Lord has been giving me messages. I also saw people going up in the rapture. I noticed that they were all wearing pure white garments and had the words, “JESUS FREAK” written on their foreheads. The Lord said, “They call those who want to serve me in truth, spirit and holiness “Jesus freaks.” Tell them that only those Jesus freaks are going up in the rapture when I come.  People will be shocked that I came. They will say, “We did not think he would come so soon.”

During prayers at church one day, I saw a mob of demons exiting hell for earth. They told me, “We are going to stop the rapture.” I told them, “You can’t stop the rapture” and then they replied, “Then we are going to stop people from going in the rapture.” With that, they made for a certain street and started hugging people from behind. If the person’s name was John, the demon would also have the name John written on its forehead. This meant that the demon was assigned to this particular person. The demons began to whisper to the people they held captive, there is no “God, there is no rapture, and Just enjoy the world a little bit.” After saying this, the demon would withdraw from the person and laugh secretly with its hand over its mouth. One of the deceived people then began shouting loudly, “There is no God!”

Some months ago as I, Zipporah prayed, The Lord showed me a section of hell. The place was very dark and full of flames.  I then saw the people in this section of hell — all of them were naked and hung on crosses.  They all hung upside down, and demons were all around, inflicting all sorts of torture and torments on them. Everyone I saw here was in agony.

People Will Repent
I saw a group of youth walking in the tunnel to hell. They were singing one popular song in one accord. They also stubbornly said it that they loved the fact that they were going to hell. Suddenly, most of them turned back and started looking for something in desperation. I asked them what they were doing and one of them said, “We are hungry and thirsty for the Lord.” The place they were looking in seemed dry and barren, but they were finding green pastures (Isaiah 49:9). The Lord told me, “The world is barren in My Word, but there are a few green pastures.”

Vital Warning to Jehovah’s Witnesses From Lord Jesus Christ
They have gone out into the world and call themselves My witnesses. They witness nothing about Me. They teach anti-Christ doctrines like, that there is no hell. This way, they make people relax in their sins. Their teachings are against everything I taught. I said there is hell, they say there is no hell. I said, the grave is not the end of a person’s life, they say the grave is the end. I said I will come again, they say I will not come again. I said in My word that I will pour out My Spirit in the last days but they say that spiritual gifts do not exist anymore. They also deny My Holy Spirit and say that is not a Person but just a force. They are clearly against Me. How they like to use human knowledge to explain My Word instead of being led by the Holy Spirit! They are spiritually sleeping. Tell them that not one member of that church will enter My holy kingdom. Not even one! They had better amend their ways and give up their doctrines.”

Jesus was telling me so many things that were heavy in the sense that they were sensitive and would receive much opposition. I was worried and thinking, “How on earth am I going to say all this?” He could read my thoughts and he looked at me with a smile on his face. He suddenly gave me a hug and I felt like electricity was passing through my body. I was also filled with a joy that made my heart dance. I felt really strong inside and he said, “There do you feel better now?”  I nodded and gave him a smile. He said, “I wish the situation was better right now, as in that of heaven instead of hell. We cannot however ignore the case of those who are being deceived. However, I think you and your sister (Rachael) need a break from hell. I am going to show you the glories of heaven soon. Just do not remain silent, but tell the world My messages, so that their blood does not remain on your head. You are My watchman. The Lord had  given Rachael and I Ezekiel 33:6. It  says, But if the watchman sees the sword coming and does not  blow the trumpet to warn the people and the sword comes and takes someone’s life, that person’s life will be taken because of their sin, but I will hold the watchman accountable for their blood. (NIV).

The Lord pointed at something and said, “Do you see that? What do you think it is?” I saw something being spilled into a dark pit. It looked like a waterfall or sand. I answered, “Sand?” He brought the view closer, and I could see that it was not sand at all, but countless human beings falling into a pit! He said, “This place is a trash can, the tares are gathered and burnt in here.” These people were from every race, tribe and language, the young and the old. There were Mongoloids, Eskimos, Masais, Buddhists, Hindus, spiritualists, prostitutes, the blind, mothers, fathers and children. The list is endless. Yes, even children, when they know what is wrong and right, must choose their destination. They were all falling into hell in different positions. Some were falling shoulder first, stomach first, head first, back first, hand first etc. at the speed of light. Some were clothed, some were not.

A Trash Can
The Lord said with pain in His voice, “They are living on earth, ignoring Me like I don’t exist. Especially in these secular movies, they create a scenario where the people have a ‘perfect life’ chasing their own pleasure, building their relationships and having their dream jobs with totally nothing to do with Me. It is unfortunate for them, because they have terribly deceived themselves. They do not think so, but they desperately need Me to save them. In just a snap of a finger, they may be dead and they will find themselves in this horrendous place. They have to repent; they just have to if they want to be saved, because I can never receive them into my kingdom when they are dead. They did not want to associate themselves with Me in life and they will surely not associate with Me in death. People who watch these movies also end up behaving the same. Come back to Me now before the door is closed.” He said this part with urgency in His voice.

He put His hand on my shoulder and said, come and see this. There were cauldrons with boiling lava and people in them! The flesh of these people was being washed away from their bones by it. One man in a cauldron upon seeing Jesus began unleashing insults on Him. He said, “I will get you yet, God!” and some other horrible things I would rather not repeat. When the man insulted Jesus, I felt like a knife had been driven through my heart and I told him, “If there is anyone you want to blame, it is yourself and the demons that deceived you into this place. Your own sinful pleasures have landed you here!” But the Lord told me, “Don’t mind them, they belong to their father, the devil.” The Lord just looked at him sadly and said, “In life you insulted Me. You thought and said you did not need Me, and even in death, you continue to insult Me and are not repentant.” A fat, ugly demon with dirty, green saliva dripping from its mouth then came and drowned him in the lava. Then the Lord told me, “When the people in this place ask for my mercy and say they have repented, it is not because they are sorry for their sins but because they are in pain. They are all just like this man.”He continued, “This is the result for all those who did not want to have anything to do with Me in life. This is not all but just one of the least punishments. From here, these people will be transferred to other sections for punishment. These people thought, ‘What a fulfilled life I have. I have all the money, happiness and just what else can I need?’ I sent my people to them, but they refused to listen, and some of them even said, ‘God is for the poor and hopeless that need to be comforted.’ They did not know that it was demons that were whispering to them.” Some people in this section are also those who were racists or used foul language on earth. I saw no limit of torture in hell. Demons did as they pleased, and they did it with zeal and delight. When new people landed, they felt a new surge of energy. They would walk about majestically with pride. I also want you to know that demons never get tired of torturing these people. The Lord also disapproved of dirty jokes, either saying or listening to them.

Those Who Were Sophisticated
I saw something that looked like a hut, but this ‘hut’ was in flames. There were men and women inside and they were walking about. The fire did not fill up the whole room, but was just at the walls, and so the people were not burning but just feeling the intense heat. I also noticed that they were dragging their feet and were laboring to walk as if in pain. They were in constant fear of being burnt ‘alive’ in the building from the fire. Some were saying, “Call the fire brigade we are all going to burn in here!” These people also had wine glasses with what they thought was wine. However, I noticed there were also snakes inside the glasses. The people would ravenously drink what they thought was wine as if a magnetic force was pulling the glasses to their mouths. The snakes had sharp pointed teeth in their mouths and would get a good bite at the people’s throats and they would scream horribly. However, when their wine reappeared, as it continuously did, they could not stop themselves from drinking it.

These people also had black ghostly eyes and scratched bloody faces. I particularly noticed one woman. When she drank, she immediately fell down, her throat burst open and a black liquid gushed out. The ‘wine’ was in real sense acid. Jesus said, “Do you know why these people are in an excluded place for themselves? It is because they thought they were sophisticated and knowledgeable about the things of the world. They liked to be set apart and thought they were far above everyone. In hell, they are also set apart. In so doing however, these people treated other people as trash, developed pride and looked down on the less privileged. People in hell also experience a deep overwhelming loneliness. They also remember their earthly lives and just how simple it would have been to do the right thing.”

Levy Mwanawasa In Hell!
The Lord also showed me a vision of the late Zambian President, Levy Mwanawasa in hell.  We don’t know much about his spiritual life here on earth, except that he was a Jehovah’s Witness. When I saw him in hell, he was in so much torment and covered in the flames. Since I did not have any negative opinion of him when he was president, I was not expecting to see him there.  But hell is such a horrible place, that I would not even wish to see my enemies there. It is more frightening than any place you can imagine, and it gave me no pleasure to see him in agony like that.  In fact, I was heartbroken after that vision, because of the way I saw the late president suffering. It really made me sad.
It is not my intention to hurt his surviving family members, friends, or anyone. I am simply sharing what the Lord Jesus revealed to me in a vision, which shows that once you die, it doesn’t matter who you were on earth — president or pauper.  The only thing that matters is whether you repented and lived for Christ (Mark 1:14-15; 2 Corinthians 5:15).

A Hindu Idolater In Hell!
I was also shown a section in hell where there was a Hindu man, and the demons were forcing him to bow to the images of the idols he worshiped while on earth.  They would mock him and force him to bow.  Jesus emphasized to us that He is the only way to salvation and there is no other way (John 14:6).The Lord also revealed to my sister Rachael and I that sometimes demons come to earth physically disguised as humans!  Jesus also explained to us that sometimes when they want to come physically, they would disguise themselves in any other forms, as well, including animals or insects.  This is only done to fulfil a particular satanic mission that the devil sends them on that requires their physical presence.The Lord told us that when we pray, sometimes Satan sends his demons to monitor and listen to our prayers, so he will know where to direct his attack. But the Lord assured us of his protection.  He said, “Just pray in truth and in spirit, because I am the God who gives them deafness and blindness; they will have no access to your prayers.”

One morning when my sister and I woke up, the Lord told us we had to pray. We had just got up and not even eaten breakfast yet.  When we began to pray, the Lord Jesus told us to pray for mercy for the world, for the salvation of everyone we know.  We prayed from 9 am to about 3pm, and were very exhausted, but the Lord wouldn’t let us stop. He said, “You have to take this seriously. Do not summarize your prayers.  Pray for everyone you know individually — even people you just see on TV — pray for them.  Many people are going to hell; they are going to eternal damnation!”We continued praying, and Satan and his demons would trying us to stop and just give up, because we were being made to fast when we hadn’t planned to do it on that day.  The Lord gave us strength, and as we continued praying, the Lord showed us hundreds and hundreds of people escaping hell.  These are not people who were already in hell, but rather people who are still alive on earth, and were on the road to hell.  And we heard hell — not the people in hell, but hell itself. The Lord told us that hell is a living organism. Hell was screaming in anger that so many people were escaping it.Jesus told us we had to continue praying, and He made us pray until 3:00 in the morning, which was when we went to bed, exhausted. He told us He wants Christians to learn to be strong in prayer and take intercession for the lost seriously. The Lord gave my sister and I this promise: He said, “I am going to use you mightily, you will pray for the sick and they will get healed, you will raise the dead, and you will even do more than raise the dead! Just pray diligently. I want you to pray more.”

The very next day, a sister from church came home to visit with her one-year old baby, Elijah. The sister was in the living room with my mom. My sister and I got her baby and were playing with him.  When I looked at the child, God told me he was born with bronchitis and that we should pray for him.  I asked my sister Rachael if God had told her anything about baby Elijah, and she said God told her he had bronchitis from the day he was born!  This confirmed what God had told me.  So we asked his mom, and she confirmed that the child was indeed sick with difficulties in breathing, and many nights could hardly sleep.  We prayed for the child and he was instantly healed! When God told us the baby had been healed, my sister and I heard the angels in heaven rejoicing! It was so beautiful! So we said, “Jesus we want to hear the angels again,” and immediately we could hear them rejoicing and singing!  The baby has been 100% healed until now.
Dear child of God, if you are reading this and still doubt God’s power, I just want you to know that His promise of those who believe in him doing miracles and praying for the sick still stands.  It is still so real, even today.  The Lord told us that He is looking for vessels to use in these last days to perform great miracles like the Apostles did. Will you be His vessel?He uses what is HIS, He can’t use you if you still belong to Satan, dedicate yourself to Him and He will use you no matter who you are.  Come to Jesus, repent of your sins and desire to live deeply in Him each day, you will discover it is the best decision you can ever make.

Those in Hell for Being Artificial
There was a white woman in hell. Even though the Lord had blessed her with long hair, she went and extended it. This woman was naked and in serious flames that looked like liquid fire. All she would do was scream, scream and scream. Her hands were lifted up and she said, “I am here because I used extensions.”

I saw another section of hell for those who change God’s image. Hell was pitch-dark as usual and I was able to see much  because of  Lord’s will. It must be understood that hell is a spiritual place and not physical, so fire and darkness can exist at once there. This section of hell was rocky and there was no one in sight except for three demons in form of fearsome looking dragons. They were flying all over the place, flapping their huge wings, and screaming, “Uuh, uuh, uuh!” in attempt of making the place more lonesome.The place was fiercely hot and the people were in small pits in the rocks. The pits were just large enough to occupy them and they found difficulty moving either to the right or left. Their skin would fall off like it was made of plastic and their bones would be exposed. Then the process would then start all over again. These people were also continuously suffocating from the smoke of the intense fire and the stench of their own rotting flesh. They knew there were other people in that section, but they were only worried about themselves and their families back on earth. Liquid fire would spout continuously from these pits and there were groans from all over the place.

The Lord Jesus allowed me to hear the thoughts of one woman there. Her hands were clasped together and worms were pushing their way up between her fingers.  She was looking up to heaven with a frown on her face. She was thinking, “Lord, is my daughter being taken care of on earth? How I wish someone would tell her not put all those artificial things I made her to be doing.” I understood that she meant artificial hair, painted nails etc. Please come back to the Lord and be proud of how he made you. The devil will entice you to sin on this earth, but will laugh at you in hell and call you a fool. There is no chance of ever getting out of hell. Suddenly, one of the flying dragons pulled one woman out of her pit by her throat with its mouth. Though these dragons were huge, their mouths were pointed so its mouth could fit in the pit.  I noticed that she had lipstick on. The dragon told her in a rough voice, “You fool! You loved the things of the world!” The simple truth is:  You Cannot Be Artificial and Holy at the Same Time.

I saw a girl in fervent prayer. She was kneeling down in her room with a Bible in her hand. She was praying with fire. However, I noticed that she had on a short skirt, artificial hair, eye shadow, painted nails, tweezed eyebrows with eyebrow pencil on them, lipstick and heavy jewelry (i.e., neck chain and earrings). I have listed these things because the Lord instructed me to do so.  There were also two demons with her in the room

. One of them sat on her stuff making itself comfortable but the other remained standing. They were looking at her with mocking smiles and glee. The demon sitting down had a book full of names in its hand. These were the names of those on their way to hell. Glancing at her, it wrote her name down in the book.The demon standing pointed its finger at her saying, “You are lukewarm and God is going to spill you in hell.” She could not see or hear any of this, but only the Lord and I (See 1Timothy 2:9- 10 and 1 Peter 3:3). The Bible also says that which is highly esteemed among men is an abomination in the sight of God in Luke 16: 15.The Lord Jesus said, “They even want to expand parts of their bodies. They get boob jobs, lip jobs, add eyelashes on top of the ‘not so good ones’ which I made’ and add nails etc. They are shameful.”

Warning to Those Who Love Walking Naked 
The Lord Jesus personally gave me the above sub-title. The Lord said, “It is a disgusting sight when I see women, even young adolescents making cleavages. They just love to expose their bodies. They are possessed with the spirit of nakedness. They just can’t dress up but they have to expose their legs in short skirts and bodies in trousers and tight clothes. Tell them to repent, because if they don’t they will go to the centre of hell where there is the horror of horrors, as they have heard this warning. Tell them to respect My temple because they did not create themselves but I the Lord of Lords did!” He screamed this in anger with a clenched fist and tears trickling down his holy white garments.“The devil has not only possessed women but the men too. They wear a pair of trousers and drag it down and they think it is cool (Sagging). The men plait their hair and also make all sorts of lines in their heads with shaving machines when they shave it (shades in the hair). Their portion is the section with pits in hell if they do not repent. However if they hear this warning and do not repent, they will regret the day they were born in the centre of hell. That is not enough; they bounce about like balls with pride. The women also develop pride because of their clothes and treat others like dirt. These days, most people no longer even go to church to worship but to interact, show off their clothes and find what they like to call ‘love’ from those of the opposite sex. Tell them I am waiting for them to repent with real undying love and I will never turn them away.”

To the dancers and those who sing or listen to non-gospel music or gospel rap, rock, reggae or any other worldly beat. “The devil is timing you. He is giving you spiritual sleeping pills.” I saw a music concert and everyone there was covered by one big hand –the hand of Satan. It left a whitish jelly-like liquid on top of their heads. The Lord Jesus said, “The stuff he leaves on their heads makes worldly songs irresistible to them and they just can’t get enough. He hopes to catch them in their slumber and throw them to hell.”

The Lord said, “Many will hate you for this testimony, but remember that God’s people were never loved from ages past because they always spoke the truth. I will be with you and will love you more than they can ever love you. They will call you many names and even say you have run mad and that you are an extremist. They will even use scriptures to discredit your testimony but don’t worry; Satan also has his own agents. Do not say anything in defence but remain silent.”

Those Who Live a Double Life
“They love to praise me with their lips but their hearts are far away from me. They say they are Christians but want to live a double life. They read testimonies about how I want holiness of the outward and inner man yet they do not want to obey. They love to listen to those who comfort them that they are not sinning and they comfort themselves that they are not the only ones doing what they do. Tell them that in hell it is each man for himself. They use My temple to do right and wrong. As it is now in their state, they do not belong to me but to My enemy. Their punishment will be far worse. Tell them to repent. I the Lord love them, and it is not My desire that they should go to hell. I do not force Myself on anyone.  Let them not obey Me if they do not want to because I want obedience from the heart. I do not take pleasure in those who serve Me with undecided hearts. I would rather have one person serving Me in truth and spirit than the whole world serving Me with undecided hearts.

Those Who Love to Talk Carelessly
Those who love to speak without care, love or consideration. “They cut others with their words. They have led many to commit suicide and give up on life or abandon their faith. They make others unhappy. They also speak negative words against me, My holy angels, Christianity, and My holy people. The most horrible kind of worms will bore their tongues and demons will give them the worst kind of torture. Come back to Me. They also use frustration as an excuse to say all kinds of negative things against Me. They say, “God has failed me!” “God doesn’t care!” among other things when the Bible says God cares and He can never fail you. Sometimes, they are just not patient for God to do what they ask or their lives are not right. Tell them to be careful. I am not mortal as they are. They also speak lies and call them ‘little lies’ and normal. Their ‘normal’ and ‘little lies’ have a big punishment.” The Lord also said, “Do not keep grudges or hate each other. How can you expect Me to forgive you if you do not forgive others?”

A Man of God In Hell!
In hell, I saw a man in flames. Numerous worms were crawling all over him. He was sort of drowning in the flames, as he would stand up and fall on his knees again. The Lord was holding my hand as hell is so horrifying. I recognized the man and screamed in horror at his identity as I had thought he was in heaven. I loved this man when he was on earth and believed with all my heart that he was in heaven. I had always imagined him in green gardens and never in flames.The man is Mark Woodman. He was a staunch “Seventh Day Adventist” and did a lot in exposing the kingdom of darkness. I told the Lord, “This man can’t be here because he was a good man. What is he doing here?” I asked him in tears. The Lord said, “My child, cursed is he that obeys the law as they insist on pleasing Me through works and deny what I did for them on the cross.”The Scripture says:  “For all who rely on the works of the law are under a curse, as it is written: ‘Cursed is everyone who does not continue to do everything written in the Book of the Law.’ Clearly no one who relies on the law is justified before God, because ‘the righteous will live by faith.’” (Galatians 3:10-11).

Please allow me to clarify what the Lord told me about the reason why Mark is in hell.  The laws of the Old Testament that forbid eating certain foods and drinks, as well as the ceremonial laws like circumcision, were never given to us in the New Testament. We are free from those, and we who are in Christ do not rely upon them for our justification.  But God does tell us in the New Testament that he requires holiness outwardly and inwardly. These requirements are not ceremonial laws or rituals, but commandments. Please do not confuse Mark’s error with the Scriptural requirement.  It is an error to rely on the works of the Law for justification, but we do need to obey God’s commandments and requirements for holiness.

When I saw him there, my world came crumbling down as I had always admired his zeal for God’s work.  My elder brother had a collection of his DVDs, and although I was not an Adventist, I had watched his videos in 2011.  At that time, I did not know that he had passed on in 2010, and I assumed he was still alive. That is why I always looked up to him in his videos.  It was not until I watched his goodbye videos that I learned he was late.
I asked the Lord why he kept giving me revelations of famous people in hell as they were so hard to deliver and received many criticisms and He told me, “It is because I have given you the courage to do so.” May the Lord have mercy on us all.

Dolls, Cartoons and Secular TV
I saw a baby pram (stroller) with a lot of teddy bears. There were demons inside them. These demons were happy and mocking humans. They were saying, “Look just how easy it is for us to have access to human beings. The baby who will have this pram will be our toy.” And they all laughed loudly giving each other a high-five. The Lord also let me hear George in the cartoon Curious George. He was talking sweetly and innocently in the cartoon but would laugh loudly and sarcastically in the background at the people he was deceiving. The Lord has several times warned against secular TV. He said that even if one was watching Christian TV, they should ask for guidance from the Holy Spirit as the devil is a deceiver. “You may not even be aware, but when you watch secular TV, your souls is in the hands of demons, and they do as they wish.” The Lord also showed me that some demons are also turned into clothes. They may look like normal clothes in the physical, but are something else in the spirit.However, we should not be intimidated that demons have polluted so many things. We should just pray and they will be purified as God has got power over the devil.  Just pray.  Jesus also forbade the buying of clothes with evil  drawings (e.g., drawings of skulls, skeletons, evil cartoons,  etc.).  He also forbade clothes with seductive or any other unholy drawings. The Lord also revealed that sometimes, a substance to make people resist fasting is put in food.

They Classified it as Not Sin and Were Greedy with their Money and Possessions
I was praying recently and I saw a demon stark naked walking on one of the corridors in hell. It had the characteristics of a male and female at the same time. It was ugly and horrifying to look at. On one side of the corridor were cells. There were a lot of people covered with flames and worms in the cells. They were all rushing and stepping on each other in an attempt to escape the cells. They all wanted to come to the front. These people had the number 666 embedded in their foreheads with something that looked like a tough metal. This metal went way inside their heads until the back. Worms and snakes would unwrap from the metal and fall inside their skulls. They would scream horribly “ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!” in torture, falling down. The demon took pleasure in their torments and laughed loudly, with some human flesh in its mouth.  It then got a thick metal poll and began crushing one man’s head. The Lord said, “These are those who did not want to help those in need even when they were capable. They were greedy with their possessions and so demons will be greedy with their flesh.” He continued, “They also convinced themselves while knowing the truth in their hearts that some things were not sin. For example, they classified trousers as not sinful for women, because they cared more about pleasing the world and themselves than they did about pleasing Me. They repeatedly committed ‘little sins’ but no sin is little. I will not favour anyone.” Those willingly who serve Satan on earth. Some will be thrown from a high cliff into boiling lava. I saw a demon dragging a woman to a cliff. As he dragged her, tiny insects whose sting was like fire infested her legs and were climbing all over her. She was in so much pain that she looked lifeless and made no resistance to the insects. The huge, muscular demon threw her over the cliff with one hand like a rag. A huge snake with thorns in its mouth was waiting for her down the cliff in the lava. It would not burn. Before she could even reach down, it swallowed her and she passed through the body of the snake till she came out at the end. Her flesh could barely be seen. Only bones stood. Before she could even take a breath, the seething lava carried her into a tunnel and I saw no more of her.

Those Who Make up Their Own Teachings and Do Not Believe in the Afterlife
“These stubbornly adhered to their own teachings contrary to the Bible. They used science and reason to dispute the existence of God and the afterlife mostly to comfort themselves. Most of them knew in their hearts that they believed a lie.” I saw a lot of people on their marks as if ready for a race. At the end was one apple tree with no fruits. There was only one apple at the foot of the tree. At a demon’s whistle, they all ran at top speed for the one fruit even hurting each other in the process. When they reached the destination however, there was nothing but huge wheels, which started spinning at top speed with the people on them. Heads were being cut off and bodiless heads were just bouncing all over the place screaming “Nooo nooo nooo!” One demon holding a huge garden fork was standing by watching and it gave a soft laughter. It crossed its legs while turning an ‘apple’ round and round in its hand and said, “Humans, so easy to deceive.” The Lord also said that on the gate of hell, the words “Welcome To Hell” are written because in his word, it is written, ask and you will receive, seek and you will find, knock and the door will be opened to you. He said it is because you are being welcomed to the place you were seeking on earth.

I also saw the Devil on his throne with demons around him in imitation of the Lord Jesus and his angels. The throne area was filled with a horrible stench. I also saw an altar. A man was brought in and burned on the altar and the Devil and his demons would inhale the smell as if it was a pleasant aroma. This man was not dying. A demon then dug its teeth into the contents of his stomach, and he convulsed in shocking pain. I have never seen such a reaction. The demons would also make animal-like sounds. Demons also make human beings who danced to unholy songs dance fervently in hell against their wish.  The demons would whip them with a rod, which had leather straps and sharp hooked metals at the end. They also felt the heat and pain a hundred times more than they did on earth. The fire and torture was also intense. It was a hundred times more than that on earth. You do not want to be in such a situation and neither do you want that for your brother, wife, mother or anyone you love.  Please repent and warn them too. The pleasures of this earth are not worth eternal torture. The devil gives you nothing for so much.

Advice From Jesus Christ To Those With Gifts Of The Holy Spirit
“Do not have vain glory. The power you use is not yours but Mine. Don’t also think of yourselves as better off than others, and don’t think you know it all. If you do that, you are leaving a loophole for the devil. Do not also think that just because am using you, you have exceptions from My word or that I will give you more chances to repent than anyone else. No, that is deceit from the unholy one. Do not also make up messages just to get yourself some attention; it will take you to hell. To the world, do not despise those I use. If they are in the wrong, just pray for them but do not ever utter a word against them as the scripture says, ‘Touch not the anointed and do my Prophets no harm.’ I, the Lord, will deal with them.”

A Dark Meeting
I saw a meeting of demons. They were all wearing black gowns with hoods. Some of them had bony fingers with claws. They were of all kinds. They were talking and one of them who seemed to be of a high rank said, “What is the fastest and most effective method of deceiving human beings, because as you can see, the Holy One is about to return. We must prevent Christians from going with Him. We must! We cannot burn alone! No!” At this point, he was standing and hit the table roughly. They all started giving suggestions. Some were suggesting that they should upgrade the contents of secular TV, and worldly songs, as they were one of the best weapons, as humans imitated what they saw or heard, especially from famous people. They also suggested making more and more captivating Soap Operas to make people forget about God, and live their lives in these. They talked about many things including making indecent clothes seem innocent and fancy.The same demon, whose name the Lord revealed to me as Peruza, requested for a book from another demon, which had just joined the meeting as it was straight from earth. The book had a lot of names in it. These were the names of those who were walking to hell, because of the life they were leading. Peruza started going through the names. The one’s whose names were glittering were those who were finding Christ. They were quite a number of them, and he got really furious. He said, “Who is assigned to bring these particular people to hell?” They all shook in fear but made no response. That was, however, quickly sorted out by the devil that walked in upon hearing the case and the particular demons were taken for punishment. New demons stronger than the previous were then assigned to bring these people down, but there were strong muscular angels with swords guarding them day and night, and they could not succeed. Praise be to the King of kings!

A Mighty Army
Suddenly, the Lord became joyful as if filled with a new hope. I was wondering, am I missing out on something? He said, “My heart is filled with gladness and I rejoice. The Father has looked upon the earth and is and will raise up a mighty army. Rejoice with Me at this news that makes Me want to burst. I laughed with the Lord loudly, and we made joyful screams while demons looked on with hateful stares. I saw people abandon kneeling down to statues and really seek God in spirit. Their eyes were opened and they knew the Lord. Women got rid of their artificial looks and indecent clothes, and cried out to God with all their hearts with bitterness and repentance. Young boys of about ten were preaching the Word, telling people to turn from their wicked ways. I saw the youth abandon their partying and lock themselves in their prayer closets. The Lord said, “Yes child, all this and more is what makes My heart glad. I will raise up a mighty army. Go and tell your testimony and you will see the wonders of God.”
I also saw a tall angel with a big sieve in his hands. I saw the whole world on that sieve. The Lord said, “My children are mixed with those of the world, and they have to be separated. That is what the angel is doing. Peace be with you all, I am never gone, but always with you in your daily lives.”

Ending Remarks
To whomever will read this: Please heed the Lord’s plea today as you only have a chance here on earth. The devil so desperately wants your soul and has planted demons to bring you down. Ask for the baptism of the Holy Spirit and you will be saved.  Jesus told me to tell you that He loves you more than you can ever imagine. May the Prince of Peace bless you.

Anyone who has never prayed the salvation prayer before, I would you like to pray. Please repeat after me. "Lord Jesus, I believe You are Son of God and You died for me. Please come into my heart and be my Lord and Saviour. I ask you to forgive me all of my sins and cleanse me with your precious blood, taking control of every area of my life from this moment on. Jesus, fill me with your Holy Spirit and empower me to be used for Your glory. I want to serve you, love you, obey you all the days of my life and make a difference in the lives of others. Father, thank you for making me your child. In Jesus’ Holy Name, amen. Hallelujah." Anyone who prays this prayer with me, please ensure you attend a Bible believing church, listen to the  word of God from pastors and read the Bible every day, study it. Pray many times a day and have a relationship with Jesus. Thank you, amen, Halleluiah.

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