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Thursday, March 9, 2017

 – “Beginning with a strong desire to see Jesus since she was at the kindergarten school until she was 12 years old , the Spirit of the Lord came to her and took her spirit to meet Jesus. What she heard and saw, is a true story indeed , nothing more or less. Please pray and ask the Holy Spirit to give you His wisdom and understanding before reading this testimony.”

March 17 – 07.00 PM-The first day of the Lord’s visit to LALA : During a praise and worship, my hands were lifted up by themselves, and I told my mother : “Mom, I cannot put my hands down, they are lifted up still. And I saw a lot of angels in the room, and suddenly there was a very bright light and from the light, there was Lord’s voice speaking to me. (Lord said to me that there will be a death of my closest family member, afterward the Lord spoke to me,” Go and tell your closest brother, that he has to return to Me, because I still have MERCY on him, for his life has been far away from ME. My brother had a problem with heavy burden in the family.)
March 18 – 07.00 PM On the second day, the Lord told me that I would pass my  exams with good grades.
March 20 – 08.30 PM-While my mom and I were still worshiping the Lord Jesus , suddenly an angel came and took my spirit. We flew up, and then we stopped and stood on a rock  and the angel showed me several beautiful cities and , I could see : Nabire, Serui, Biak, Manokwari. The angel spoke to me,God told you to go and stand in those cities to deliver a message from the Lord , THEY MUST REPENT because “THERE IS NO MORE TIME , JESUS IS COMING VERY VERY SOON” and I asked the angel: “Who are you? ” and he replied ,” I am Gabriel, an Angel of God.” Then the angel sent my spirit back into my body.

March 21 – 06.00 PM-While I was on my way from Abe to Entrop, I arrived in Kotaraja and was still in a taxi when an angel came, picked me up, and we flew over the city of Jayapura , and the angel said to me: “Try to look down!” and I saw a lot of people standing, they wore black clothes covering them from head to toe. And their eyes are black and there is a fire in their eyes. I saw them everywhere, in the hospital, on the road sides, in the middle of the street, in the market, at the front of houses, they were everywhere. I saw their hands were holding large forks . Then I asked the angel, ” Who are they?” And the angel told me that they were the angels of death. When we were still flying spiritually above the city of Entrop, I saw a group of young people drinking alcohol in the street, I was very sad because  death was surrounding them.
Afterward the angel said to me , “Lala, if  something happens to you, and you feel uncomfortable, then you can call 2 names : “the BLOOD OF JESUS” and ” IN THE NAME OF JESUS” because the name of the Lord is very powerful”

The angel took me and we continued to fly up through the clouds. I saw the earth below me becoming  smaller and smaller. We flew on and passed through the narrow and dark tunnel. I was very scared and the angel held me .Then, I saw a bright light and that was supposed to be Heaven.We arrived safely at the gate,where  there were two guardian angels in front of the gate .The gate was decorated with pearls and crystals and it opened itself,allowing both of us to walk into its garden.
There was an opened door and through it I could see a long table was neatly arranged and it looked like there will be a party (Holy Communion) soon with  angels standing behind   each chair and holding a trumpet .It looked like they were going to blow the trumpet very soon. Then I continued to walk again insid Heaven and  in the garden, I saw different kinds of trees and various kinds of fruit.I saw flowers which were very beautiful and angel Gabriel came to me, and said: ,”Your time is up and you have to go back” and I told him, “I am so happy here and I do not feel like going back, because it is very peaceful here”. And suddenly, there was a voice coming from the Throne of Light and Glory  which said, “Lala, you have to return now ” and the angel Gabriel escorted me back.
Around 11 pm while I was sleeping, an angel came and took me to the Lord. We entered the gate of Heaven, and I saw a man standing and He was wearing a very long white robe. He opened His hands to me, I walked towards Him and He carried me, and I knew that He was JESUS. Then we both walked in Heaven. Heaven was so wonderful and full of variety of flowers, which I have never seen here on the earth .There were shady trees, bearing fruits, and there was also a very clear flowing river.
LORD JESUS told me “Lala, would you like trying to put your feet in the water?” And I put them into the water. God spoke to me again “You may drink the water.” (When I drank it , I felt so peaceful at heart) and the Lord Jesus spoke to me again “You can immerse your head into the water, and you will be able to breath.” What the Lord Jesus said was right. There were lots of fish came around me and  I said to Jesus,” I live on the earth and I cannot catch the fish , they will flee when I do so.” Lord Jesus said to me ,” The fish here can talk to you, Lala.”

Furthermore, I kept walking with Jesus and I asked Him ,”How do  You watch the whole world with the sins that the people have been committing. How do you manage to monitor all these ? Jesus told me to come with Him, and He was going to show me how. We started walkin and He showed a large glass table and I saw that the world was so small. I could also see what sins people committed. I was surprised and saw someone that I knew. I told Jesus, “Lord, I can see below, how my mother and I are   lying in bed.’ Then He answered, “Yes, I know, there is  also an angel standing in your room.”
We continued walking-Jesus and I- I saw there was a room and there were two angels standing there. There was a big book on the table, and I asked the Lord, “God, what kind of book is this? The Lord Jesus answered , “This is The Book of Life“,.I asked again, ” ‘Can I see inside the book? The Lord Jesus answered “Yes, you can.” And the two Angels were ready to open the book page by page. On the first page, I saw the names of one family that I knew, I saw it again and there was my brother’s name and I said to Jesus, “God, this is my brother’ and LORD Jesus replied,” Yes, I know his life. Now he is here and he is praising the Lord.’  The angel opened the following page and I saw the name of the person who  I also knew  and I said to Jesus,” This is my uncle”. Lord Jesus said, “yes, he is here.” I embraced Jesus and cried. Then Jesus and I continued to walk in the garden, when I saw two people coming  toward me; the older one was around 18 or 19 years old, while the younger one was 2 years-old. The little boy ran and hugged me, but I felt what he went through since we were  both are in the spirit form.The older boy who was 18-19 years old, resemble  my mother . They looked like twins. Then I remembered my mother had told me that I had an older brother who has passed away since I was a baby. Then I knew that he was my brother. After that, both of them went back to their own rooms.

Then I saw a beautiful flower and I asked  Lord Jesus, “Lord, can I pick this flower ..? I would like to give it to my mother ,for my mother loves flowers”. JESUS said ” The time has not come yet for you to get the flowers and fruits from this place, My child!” And afterwards, Jesus and I were still walking , when I saw a house whose door was open. I asked the Lord Jesus whether I could get into the house and the Lord Jesus said “Yes, you can.” When I got to the front door of the house, I could not enter the house because the floor was made of gold. I said to the LORD JESUS “Wow God, … The floor is very beautiful, gold is very expensive on  earth “, and the Lord Jesus smiled and said, ‘ This is your house, there are some houses which are similar to this one’. I asked, “God, may I go into the next house?” Then the Lord Jesus said, “The houses whose doors are closed,  belong to others.” The Lord Jesus then said, “Follow Me.”

THE LORD JESUS held me and then we both flew into a wide tunnel. Lord Jesus and me kept on going along when I could smell very horrible odour and then I felt the air was very hot. Far ahead, I saw a three-legged demon, and he held a trident and when he saw Jesus, he bowed down. Lord Jesus and me continued to move on to a place and LORD JESUS allowed me to see a very deep well full of men, being tortured by demons. The demons  tormented them until their flesh came apart, but they could not die.

We walked again and then I saw a table  with a book on it and it was written “Adultery”.I  saw people naked in a lake of fire. They saw Jesus and called “Father, Father ” but  Jesus did not look at them. I still walked with Jesus, and we noticed there was a servant of  God. Then I asked Lord Jesus, ” God! Why is there a servant of God in the hell?”.  LORD JESUS said “I chose him, but he never delivered My message.” Then he saw Lord Jesus and shouted “Father, Father, please take me just for a minute out of this place, for I want to repent.” Then the Lord Jesus said to him, “It’s too late, now I’m using her as my servant.” while pointing to me.

And we went on, then I saw a lot of people being tortured, and Jesus said to me “These people were not faithful with their  tithe.”And I saw again there were so many young people who were dancing on the nails to the rhythm of the music being played. If the rhythm of the Rock Music was heard, they had to jump faster and were not allowed to stop for a moment. If they stopped, the demons  came and tormented them.

Then we went back to Heaven through the wide path. After arriving  in Heaven, Lord Jesus said to me, “Lala, what you have seen, you have to tell My people.” And the Lord Jesus carried me and said, “Lala, you have to surrender your life t0  Me, you have to be baptized on March 25. And tell My servant, Ronald, I entrust him to write your book. ”

Then the Lord Jesus looked at Gabriel, and Gabriel bowed down to worship under the feet of JESUS. Then the Lord Jesus said to Gabriel, “Bring My child back.” And Gabriel took me and we walked to the gate and I saw another angel that came and he spoke to Gabriel with the language which I did not understand, but Gabriel pointed to me and he looked at the Throne of GOD and so was the angel and  Michael, and the LORD JESUS looked at us, then Michael bowed down and allowed Gabriel and me to continue our journey.

On our way back, Gabriel asked me, “What did you talk about with the Father?” And I replied, “There are a lot of things JESUS spoke to me about.” And I asked the angel, ‘What do you do in heaven?” The angel answered, “I am the Assistant of our LORD JESUS, whatever the Lord Jesus asks me to do, then I do it all”.

As we got closer to my house, we walked and saw a lot of angels of death standing on the left and right side of the road. When we arrived, I saw one standing in front of the fence. And at the front door of our house there was one angel of God guarding the house. The Angel of Death was very nervous, as he wanted to get into the house, but he could not do it, because there was an angel of God guarding our house. After that, the angel of death went to the back of the house and he tried to get in, but still he could not succeed because there were two angels of God guarding the back door of our house. Unsatisfactorily, the angel of death tried to get in for the second time, but he was thrown, fell down and disappeared . Gabriel escorted me back to my bedroom and my spirit went back inside my body physically at 06.00 am. Afterward, I returned to my daily activities as a student.

THURSDAY, March 22 – 07.00 PM-When we had a service in a house of a church member,  angel Gabriel came to pick me up and took me to the Lord Jesus again. Then the LORD JESUS showed me the city that I had to go. He asked me to deliver the message to a Catholic church in Wamena.
FRIDAY, March 23, 09.00 AM-The angel came to pick me up and took me to the Lord. LORD JESUS delivered a special message for the Church in the village “Harapan” and said, “Tell the church, do not be too late for a service. Those who are always late, will not be a part of the Kingdom of Heaven. When the service is going on, none is allowed to stay outside the church, and send a message to the mothers with babies  that they have to sit inside the church and listen to the WORDS OF GOD. Never let the children stay in the nursing room or day care room. Everybody has to participate in the service, even though all seats are full, for sitting on the floor should not be a problem. Everybody has to respect MY WORDs.”

During the day at the same time after we finished “prayer and fasting”, I delivered a message of the LORD JESUS to Sunday school teachers. On the way back home from the church, the angel of God took me to the Lord Jesus and He said to me, “Thank you Lala, that you have delivered My message to the Sunday School Teachers.” And He spoke to me again “On Sunday, you will have to deliver the message to the church members. You must not only deliver the message to the church and your family, but you have to deliver the message to other religions as well: Buddhism, Muslim, Hinduism, etc. since they also should receive salvation and deliver the message as soon as possible, because I’ll take you out to other cities.” (John 14, 6)

At 7.00 pm, the angel came to take me to the Lord, and the Lord Jesus spoke to me, “Lala, faster, faster, faster , run and tell all of My people, My Time is almost up! And the LORD JESUS showed me, the time of heaven. I saw the short hand pointed to a number and the long hand was very close to it. However, I cannot see the number on the clock. LORD JESUS said to me, “Lala, run fast and send the message to My people, MY time is almost over”. And the Lord Jesus said to me again, “Lala, no angel has ever seen the time in heaven. I allow you to see the time of heaven so that you can convey what you have seen to My people. “

At 8.30 pm, the angel came to pick me and took me back to the Lord and the Lord Jesus showed me once again the time of heaven, which was very short. LORD JESUS said to me, “Tell your classmates, your teachers, your neighbours, and anyone you meet. Tell them to repent and turn to Me.”

Saturday, March 24 – 01.00 PM-I was with my mother and my aunt. We were praying for a family called Wilsons, and I was again in my  room,when  I saw the angel come to me. I could see the angel  because my spirit was out of my body and sat on the bed . I called the angel to enter the room, but the angel was standing there outside the room and I called him once again. The angel pointed to my aunt who was praying. I called the angel once again, and the angel said to me “I cannot enter the room, (he pointed his finger at my aunt), since the servant was talking to the Father, so that I had to wait until she finished praying or say Amen “.Then the angel came to the room and took me to the Lord Jesus. After we arrived in Heaven, the Lord Jesus gave me a message to deliver.
At 12.00 pm, I found my body become heavy and wanted to sleep, because an angel would come to pick me , but my mom kept telling me to get my clothes ready for the following day’s  morning service. Once I fell asleep, an angel came to take me to the Lord. And the Lord Jesus started to speak to me. “Lala, tell your mom to allow you to sleep when your body is heavy , because I want to tell you  something very important”.

The Lord reprimanded me  for the second time by saying“Lala, why did you forget what I conveyed to you. You should remember all of My messages.” I said to Jesus, “God, please forgive me’ and the LORD JESUS answered “I will return everything when you testify.”
Sunday, March 25 – morning time-With the mercy of the Lord JESUS, I could stand and testify to deliver the message from the Lord Jesus to t

he church of Barachiel. After I finished with my testimony, I got myself water baptized (to die and rise with Jesus) and after the service, we were called to attend a meeting, which was going to discuss about a Revival service. I also participated in the meeting, and I saw an angel came to pick me up, and took me to the Lord Jesus. Jesus said,”Tell My servants, to go on with the Revival service, and I will go down to intervene.”

At 4:00 pm, I was still in the pastor’s house and  I was taken by an angel to see the Lord. LORD JESUS showed me, a big hole which was deep and dark. I saw there were a lot of people being pulled into the hole.They tried to resist, but failed and fell into the hole.

March 26 – 02.00 AM-An angel came and took me to the Lord Jesus  who said “I will use you as My servant until I come back. All duties and responsibilities I gave you , is not finished yet, but I will keep using you until I come back.”

At 06.00 pm as usual, an angel picked me up and took me to the Lord, again the LORD JESUS showed me a big dark hole. JESUS spoke with me, “The hole that you see, is the place where the unfaithful people are going into for 3.5 years of great persecution (Rev 13), while for My faithful people I will move them to a place that I have prepared, away from the eyes of the snake.”
At 08.00 pm, an angel picked me and took me to the Lord, and He said to me, “Lala, do not argue with your mom.Dont go against my 5th commandment, that you have to honor your father and your mother.”When I heard it, I felt guilty and cried. I also saw the LORD JESUS crying and looked so sad. I saw the tears dripping from His eyes. LORD JESUS said to me “Lala do not cry, I want you to listen and obey my 5th commandment (to honor your parents) so that you may live long and you are blessed. I want to use you amazingly and wonderfully.’ Then JESUS said to me, ” Delete all the worldly songs from your mobile phone”(James 4,4). And He continued “You should be more quiet at your school, how can I deliver a message to you, if you do not calm yourself down.” And I replied, “Lord Jesus, I cannot calm down because friends always come bothering me and ask me to play, what if I do not go to school and just stay at home?” And He answered “No, you have to go to school.”
Tuesday, March 27 – 10.30 am-While I was having my school exams, the angel took me to the Lord, and the Lord Jesus said to me “THERE IS NO MORE TIME, you have to deliver the message to My people urgently.”

At 07.00 PM, being in a Worship Service , as usual an angel picked and took me to the LORD JESUS. I saw Jesus standing in front of the gate and waiting for me. Once I got there, Jesus said, “You have to go to Wamena urgently and deliver My message to My people, they have to REPENT because time is up. You need to go there to Wamena.” Lord Jesus said with His sad face , with a downcast face and cried , His tear dropped and fell on a large glass table where JESUS can see everything that people say and do. I asked the Lord, “Why do you cry ?.” He did not answer my question, but His tears kept falling on the table and I wiped the tears with a white robe that I wore. When I was in the Kingdom of Heaven, I always wore a white robe that I had never put it on before.
Then the Lord Jesus spoke to me and still crying, “Lala , tell My people urgently, they have to turn to Me quickly, Time is absolutely over.”

Lord Jesus said again,”I desire none ever be lost, but I want them all sitting on My lap.”Verily .verily I say unto you,He that heareth my word,and believeth on him that sent me hath everlasting life and shall not come into condemnation ,but is passed from death unto life . John 5 verse 24

Anyone who has never prayed the salvation prayer before, I would you like to pray. Please repeat after me. "Lord Jesus, I believe You are Son of God and You died for me. Please come into my heart and be my Lord and Saviour. I ask you to forgive me all of my sins and cleanse me with your precious blood, taking control of every area of my life from this moment on. Jesus, fill me with your Holy Spirit and empower me to be used for Your glory. I want to serve you, love you, obey you all the days of my life and make a difference in the lives of others. Father, thank you for making me your child. In Jesus’ Holy Name, amen. Hallelujah."
Anyone who prays this prayer with me, please ensure you attend a Bible believing church, listen to the  word of God from pastors and read the Bible every day, study it. Pray many times a day and have a relationship with Jesus.Dont also forget to share your new found faith with others. Thank you, amen, Halleluiah.

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