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Thursday, May 16, 2013


 My name is Emmanuel Senayon; I'm 18 years old and from Nigeria.
In N
ovember 2012, I became seriously ill, and my parents took me to a hospital. The doctor said that my blood was very low and that I had TB [tuberculosis]. This wasvery hard for my parent because they didn't have any money to take care of me, so they took me back home. While I was on my bed resting, I started getting weaker, all my body became weak. I soon found myself, outside my body. I found myself in a pure white room, and JESUS came in, His face was shinning and handsome. But I noticed He was not happy. He took my hand and took me out of the room, to a stand before a great throne. 

I saw God on the throne, but I could not see His face because it was full of glory, powerful, and his body is like a burning fire.I saw some group of angels in white garment before the throne, they were full of glory, those angels carry some books in their hands. And I saw uncountable people before the throne [Revelation 20:11] and they go one after the other to receive their judgment, and whenever any one of them got before the throne, the angels will open the books in their hand, and immediately God will judge the person. But what I noticed is that many of the people  standing were being told by God "DEPART FROM ME" as  God judged them with great anger and his voice sounded like the greatest thunder [Ezekiel 43:8]. Whenever God said "DEPART FROM ME", a great storm will carry them away [Matthew 25:41] .All the people before this throne were afraid to stand before God, but the angels never call out any name as each person knows when it is his or turn to receive judgment.[2 Corinthians 5:10] Any one that worketh iniquity were carried away by the storm in to everlasting punishment [Matthew 25:46].

If you are still alive, you still have a golden grace to repent from your sin and forsake your evil deeds, for the anger of God is like a burning fire [Zephaniah 2:1-3] for this world is a valley of decision [Joel 3:14] let your decision be for Christ, surrender your life to Jesus Christ to escape the wrath of God, for no matter what your sin could have been, Jesus still needs you. [Hosea 14:4], [Habakkuk 2:13] Later Jesus took me away from this place.

And the Lord took me to hell fire.On our way to hell, we passed through a tunnel and when we got out of the tunnel, we suddenly arrived at a pure dark place, the place looked like a country, but it was full of great darkness and with a great horror and terrifying sound of crying. 

I asked the Lord 'where are we lord'? And he replied "IT IS THE KINGDOM OF SATAN, HELL FIRE''. Hell fire is a fearsome place of thick darkness. I saw many demons, they were huge and ugly and they were working hard with speed. The Lord told me "THEY WERE PLANNING HOW TO BRING MAN TO THIS PLACE''. They were working hard without rest. [1 Peter 5:8].
Hell fire is like a sea, and everybody has his/her own portion in hell with a different department. There are many people in hell fire, they were just asking for second chance but with no hope for them  [Micah 3:4] 

The first department that the Lord showed me was the department of the pastors that missed heaven. I saw many pastors in hell, and on their pit are something like a signboard that contains the name of the pastor, the name of church the pastor attended, and the reason the pastor is in hell. Each pastor had a demon tormenting him.

They cried out for mercy, but Jesus wept and said "WHEN I WARNED YOU, YOU REFUSED TO LISTEN TO ME AND NOW YOU ARE IN THIS PLACE, 'I KNOW YOU NOT". [Proverb 1:24-31] and the Lord said "HELL HAS ENLARGED HERSELF AND NON THAT COME HERE SHALL RETURN AGAIN". [Proverb 2:19], [Isaiah 4:14]. I saw a surprising thing, my people, how can we escape if we neglect so great of salvation. [Hebrew 2:3]. 

ter a man was revealed to me in hell.  The demons were tormenting this man with their weapons and this man was just begging for mercy and he cried  bitterly. And I asked the lord, who is this man? And the Lord told me "HE IS REVEREND EMMANUEL OSHOFFA, THE FOUNDER OF CELESTIAL CHURCH OF CHRIST,A WHITE GARMENT CHURCH.

The Lord told me the mystery of the man. 'he made a covenant with the devil and seduced  people with  evil doctrines by healing with candle and perfume, soap, going to the river to bath, just to deceive them  with the power of devil. The Lord said "HE INTRODUCED FALSE DOCTRINE JUST TO BE KNOWN AS A POWERFUL MAN OF GOD.

 [Ephesians 4:14] the Lord said “I WARNED HIM, BUT HE REFUSED. I KNOW YOU NOT''. Jesus wept like a baby. This man denied cross of Christ, just because of fame, and now he is in hell begging for mercy ,but the Lord denied him because iniquity was found in him [2 Timothy 2:12,19] 

I want you to understand that no matter what you may do to defend yourself before people, understand that "you cannot defend yourself before God". [Titus 1:16], [Jeremiah 23:24]. Many people are there in the fire because of their faulty doctrines.
I saw a man in hell fire, the demon laid him on a metal table. This man were seriously tormented by the demon and not one demon but many. They hurt him with many type of devices and I saw a very big iron which  the demon operated by passing it  through the stomach of the man. The iron went  through his belly and this man cried bitterly. 

Suddenly, a demon just came out with a very big metal, like a cutlass in his hand and he cut off the middle of the head of that man, and the demon gathered many maggots and scorpions and put them  inside the head of the man and covered it back and the man cried more .The pain got to me  and the Lord told me "HE IS ONE OF MY DISCIPLES, 'JUDAS ISCARIOT". I asked the demon the reason they tormented him in such a terrible way, and the demon told me "if he did not reveal that man of light [Jesus] to the people to be killed, the work of salvation will not come into manifestation, " They shouted, why did  you betray him?'' and they continued tormenting him. [Matthew 10:4;20:18],
We must all be careful so that we don’t betray Christ because woe unto that man, by whom the Lord is betrayed. [Matthew 26:24]. Many that have learnt from the Lord and have understanding about the word of God must allow the word of Christ to dwell in us [Colossians 3:16-17]. He that draws back, the Lord says "MY SOUL SHALL HAVE NO PLACE IN HIM". [Hebrew 10:38]. If you are a servant of God, examine yourself, take away the stumbling block from your life,for hell fire is so real. 

Then the Lord showed me a man in hell. The man was sitting on the iron seat, he was chained down, and the demons were tormenting him with spear with great fury and the man began to beg for to get out of the fire, because the seat was very hot and reddish like burning charcoal and still the demon continued tormenting him. I wondered who the man could be, but the Lord knew my thought and he told me "HE IS KING AHAB". 

And immediately I saw a woman, the demons were tormenting her also .They beat her with spear and she cried and shouted; and the Lord told me "SHE IS JEZEBEL, THE FALSE PROPHETESS WHO SEDUCED THE PEOPLE TO SIN AGAINST GOD". [Revelation 2:20]. You
must be careful because there are many false prophets who teach the people false doctrines, who only set up  riches for themselves, who called themselves  saviour and deceived people with the deception of the devil. IF THEY REFUSE TO REPENT, THEY SHALL HAVE THEIR PART IN HELL FIRE. [2 Thessalonians 1:8].

I later saw a little boy in hell fire and the demons were tormenting the boy with spear. When the boy saw us, he cried for help, to take him out of the fire, but the Lord said "I AM NOT THE GO
D OF THE DISOBEDIENT”. The boy was very rude while he on earth and he always disturbed his parents anytime the pastor is preaching and whenever his parent corrected him, he will shout at them. He fell ill and died. Now, he is in hell. The Lord says "NO DISOBEDIENT CHILD WILL INHERIT THE KINGDOM OF GOD". [Ephesians 6:1-2] 

Lord showed me a man in hell fire [MOST REVEREND PATRICK R. COONEY]
and  the demons were cutting his body as if it was a tree. The man was crying and the demon continued tormenting and mocking him because the only spot on him is his doctrine. He found himself in hell fire because he usually bowed before ST MARY image. [Exodus 20:3-4].I was sorrowful because through this act, many people have ended up  in hell fire. Jesus wept with great compassion for the soul of man. I too was sorrowful and the Lord told me, "IF TRULY YOU ARE SORROWFUL THEN TELL THEM WHAT YOU SAW". 

You must open your heart and say no to the deception of the devil , for we must come out from any doctrine that will make Christ to deny us [2 Corinthians 6:14-18] STOP IT, DO NOT BOW BEFORE ST MARY ANY MORE .

DEPARTMENT OF THOSE THAT JOINED THEMSELVES WITH PROSTITUTES. I saw many people in this department and the Lord showed me their earthly picture and they were all beautiful and handsome, but now they are very ugly. The demons tormented them and used spears to beat and pin their private parts. They cried for death, but could not found it. [Revelation 9:6]oh how  Jesus wept! The people begged the Lord to take them out, they swore  with their lives to do his will if they could come out of the fire, but the Lord never played or joked with the word that has gone out of his month [Colossians 3:5-6]. Anyone who practises immorality cannot inherit the kingdom of God [1 Corinthians 6:9-10]. 

Those who dress to please the flesh, a woman that put on trouser, earring, chain, weave on, attachment, make-up, and all other worldly dress,  were all  in the Department of Prostitutes in hell fire [Isaiah 3:16-24] all of them were tormented.(James 5:3)

There are many people in hell fire, who heard about the work of salvation, but refused to repent from their sins. They thought they can come to heaven with the flesh and blood, but they ended up in hell fire that burneth for eternity [1 Corinthians 15:50]. They were crying .The Lord Says "THEY WERE GIVEN MANY GRACE, WHILE THEY WERE ON EARTH, TO REPENT FROM THEIR SINS, BUT THEY WOULD SAY, TOMORROW, AND THEY PROCRASTINATE; SOME EVEN SAID, THERE IS NO HELL FIRE. SOME BEAT MY SERVANTS THAT WERE  SENT TO THEM, AND NOW THEY ARE IN HELL BEGGING FOR A SECOND CHANCE, "I KNOW YOU NOT". [Proverb 1:24-28]. The Lord said, "I SHOWED THEM THE WAY TO ESCAPE HELL FIRE, BUT THEY HATED ME AND EVEN MY WAY. I EVEN GIVE THEM THE GRACE WHEN THEY WERE ABOUT TO DIE, BUT THEY CALLED MY GRACE A DISTRACTION FROM ENJOYING THE WORLD.And the Lord also says "WHOSOEVER  HATED ME, LOVES DEATH AND NOT ONLY EARTHLY DEATH, BUT EVERLASTING PUNISHMENT IN HELL FIRE. [Proverb 8:35-36]". Repent from your sin for there is no repentance in hell fire and those who refused to repent will be cast into everlasting punishment [Revelation 21:8]. 

There was a great torment for those who  turned away from the lord. The demon cut their tongue, cut their body and attack  them with a sharp weapon. They cried bitterly and started blaming themselves "Oh why did I turn back? He warned me, but I hearken not". And the demon told them to ''shut up, he gave you grace, but you made it useless. You will never get out. We shall torment you till your judgment is set". And they continued tormenting them. [Ezekiel 18:24]. The demon will tell them ''you are mine forever".
 Please do not go back to the world all you Christians, for there is a great danger in turning away from the Lord. [2 Peter 2:20-22]. 

And the Lord showed me my own pit in hell fire. I was very sorrowful, but the Lord said "EVERY ONE ON EARTH HAS HIS OWN PIT IN HELL FIRE, AND THE MISSION OF THE DEMONS IS TO BRING YOU INTO IT". You must make sure you do not go to that pit because it is very hot, burning with fire -like acid.
Then the Lord took me to the throne of the devil where  I saw a very big throne, then I saw a very tall, big, fat, and huge demon on the throne, very hideous, and he immediately set his eyes on me .
He called my name 'Senayon, you have come here to see our mystery, I will not allow you to share any of our secret, I will kill you, I swear''. And the Lord told me "FEAR NOT, FOR I AM YOUR LIFE". [Isaiah 41:10-11]. 
And after sometime, we were invisible to the devil, and the Lord told me that "ALL THINGS ARE INVISIBLE TO THE DEVIL, HE DOES NOT KNOW EVERY THING. BUT ALL THINGS ARE VISIBLE TO GOD”. I did not believe because we all know that devil is powerful. The Lord knew my thought and he took me to the back of the throne of devil and I noticed that devil did not know we were there and the Lord told me "CALL MY NAME" and I silently said ''Jesus" and a great quake shook the whole of hell, and the devil fell down from his throne  turned back and we became visible again.The  devil shouted my name "SENAYON" and the Lord told me "TRY THE POWER IN MY NAME". 'and I commanded devil to die for three minutes in the name of Jesus and the power in the name of Jesus nailed his spirit on something like a wall and his hideous body fell down [Philippians 2:9-11] 
And after three minutes, the Lord released his spirit and devil came back in to the hideous body and immediately when he rose, he shouted  with  great fury and wrath and I saw many demons, they were rushing out and they all assembled with arrow in their hands and they all aimed  us at once, and the heaven open and I saw a pure white arrow and just one arrow came down and destroyed all the arrows of the devil. 

I want to tell you, there is power in the name of Jesus.By his name, every knee should bow. [Philippians 2:9-11]. [Mark 16:17-19], [John 14:14], [John 16:23] there is power in the name of Jesus. Call it out with faith and the demon will flee from you, but when you call the name of Jesus without repentance you are in danger.

The Lord took me to a place in hell where  I saw a big hall, and I saw all the demons in that hall, chained down on a seat and the Lord told me, they were the falling angels. I asked the reason they were chained and the Lord told me "THEY ARE VERY POWERFUL AND IF THEY WERE RELEASED FOR NOW, THEY WILL CAST MORE SOUL INTO HELL, BECAUSE THEY ARE VERY POWERFUL" and the Lord told me "THEY WILL BE RELEASED AFTER THE RAPTURE TO TROUBLE THE EARTH AND PERSECUTE THE PEOPLE FOR THE MARK OF THE BEAST". [2 Peter 2:4] 
And one of them, called my name "Senayon, the Lord has shown you a good testimony, but if I meet you on earth, I will kill you". And we left the place and on our way, I noticed something holding my cloth and when I looked back, it was a demon. He came out from the under, and because of the light of Christ, he could not come near me and the Lord told me, "HE IS THE HIGH PRIEST OF THE devil [beelzebub] [Matthew 12:24] 
And the demon told me "we will not allow you to share the testimony and you will not reveal our secret, we will kill you". And the Lord told me "COMMAND HIM" .And I commanded him in the name of Jesus to fall down and a great wind beat him down and he returned to his place. The Lord showed me the spirit of stubbornness  that he sent but the Lord sent it back in  many folds and he ran away. [Psalm 91:1] As long as  the Lord held my hand, his presence cast away all fear.

I saw a lady afar off in hell fire, the demon were tormenting her [Nahum 2:10] she cried, she was looking at me, and I asked the Lord who  she is? And the Lord told me ''IT IS RUTH, YOUR AUNTY" [our first born]. She died many years ago. What a great sorrow, she was there because she did not know the lord. I was not happy because I was thinking of the possibility of myself being in her present position, but the Lord knew my thought and the Lord told me "I AM YOUR LIFE". I wanted him to promise me so that I will not come there,but he told me, "IF YOU KNOW MY NAME" but he always told me "FEAR NOT, FOR I AM YOUR LIFE.

The church needs to wake up and put on the armor of God. I saw some group of demons gathered and I saw a very big book before them and they began to open it, and immediately, they opened a page and said "yes, we are to face the church", and they closed the book, and suddenly some uncountable demons appeared with arrows in their hands and they aimed at the church. I was surprised, and the Lord told me "IT IS THE ARROW OF SLUMBER AND WEAKNESS, SO THAT MY PEOPLE MAY NOT PRAY, FAST AND DO EXPLOITS FOR MY KINGDOM". All the demons have one mission, and their mission is to bring people to hell. The church needs to wake up, we should pray against unseen forces that plan against the church [Ephesians 5:14] 
I saw a powerful demon, he disguised himself to a beautiful lady that looked decent like a good Christian, and he entered one church because of one brother that surrender his life to Jesus Christ, just to seduce the brother to lose his salvation. [Joel 1:14] Let us call a solemn assembly and cry unto the Lord to revive  the church, because many are slumbering and are perishing.[1 Corinthians 15:18]. The church need divine revival, let us build our prayer life and we should destroy every seed that the Lord did not plant into the church. [2 Corinthians 10:4-5].There are many demons in the church today, in the likeness of humans sent  to seduce the church [2 Corinthians 10:13-15]. But for us to overcome them, we must put on the armor of God [Ephesians 6:10-18]. Remember this is a perilous time [2 Timothy 3:1-7]

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